28 July 2023


Carrying out extensive relief efforts across the flood-affected regions, United Sikhs, a noted global non-profit organization, is aiming to rehabilitate affected lives with their comprehensive 3-phase relief program.

In the wake of the devastating floods that have left large parts of rural Punjab inundated, their on-the-ground volunteers have reached more than 500 villages with medical aid, and emergency relief items in the villages of Rupnagar, Anandpur Sahib, Kiratpur Sahib, Chamkaur Sahib, Machhiwara (Ludhiana), Patiala, Shahpur (Jalandhar), Mansa, and Sardulgarh. Their teams have also reached out to extend relief work in the inaccessible villages in Dera Baba Nanak.

In the ongoing first phase, they are providing immediate relief to the affected families across the breadth of the affected regions of Punjab.

During this phase, having carried out rescue operations, they are continuing to provide emergency relief supplies to affected families and their livestock. Their volunteers are reaching out to the affected families with urgent needs for food, water, clothing, tents, fodder, and other essential items. The dedicated teams are working tirelessly to ensure that basic necessities reach the affected individuals during this challenging time. Additionally, they are providing ambulance services, medical care and essential medicines to address the health needs of those impacted by the floods.

Once the initial rescue and relief efforts have been completed, their focus will shift toward rebuilding and rehabilitating the affected communities in the second phase of the relief efforts. They will work towards rebuilding homes that have been destroyed and providing assistance to those who have lost their farm animals. Additionally, they aim to offer urgent monetary aid for miscellaneous needs that arise during the recovery process, helping families get back on their feet. Medical camps will be held to continue to provide education, medicine, and check-ups.

Their commitment extends beyond immediate relief and short-term solutions. In Phase 3 of their long-term rehabilitation, they aim to extend their Project Kirti to flood-affected families. They would adopt farms to provide seeds and fertilizers, ensuring a sustainable livelihood for the affected farmers. Furthermore, for people interested in exploring careers outside of farming, they aim to equip individuals with essential resources such as e-rickshaws, food carts, sewing machines, and offer job-ready skills training and certification. Through these efforts, they strive to empower the affected communities with the means to rebuild their lives and secure a brighter future.

Speaking at a programme attended by 100 bloggers, renowned actor Gurpreet Singh Ghuggi said. “United Sikhs has been at the forefront of every major disaster across the world. The organization has been carrying out many transformative projects in Punjab. Our volunteers are working day and night to extend emergency relief across the affected regions. United Sikhs’ 3-phase relief plan is going to be critical to help rebuild and rehabilitate lives in flood-affected regions of Punjab.”

United Sikhs Director, Amritpal Singh said, “The kind-hearted and generous contributions will enable us to carry out these critical phases effectively and make a tangible difference in the lives of those impacted by this disaster. We are also constantly increasing our capabilities, breadth and depth of relief efforts to be able to rebuild Punjab with the support of kind-hearted donors. Please make your contribution at


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