17 October 2017


Funded e-commerce modular home solutions brand,, opens its first store in the SAS Nagar area of Punjab. Mohali, the rapidly developing IT hub of the state has seen a high demand for well-known national and international brands. The 5000 sq ft studio of the omni-channel modular furniture brand, in Mohali will be their 3rd experience centre in the country.

The showroom situated in the business district of the town, will house the Italian and the German designed furniture in the form of concept rooms to depict an entire house. The store has about 7 bedrooms, 4 living rooms and 5 kitchens on display. In addition to this, storage solutions such as chest of drawers, shoe cabinets, book racks, study tables and more, will also be on display.

Speaking on the occasion of the launch, Alok Duggal, Founder and COO, said, “SAS Nagar is an upcoming location with a lot of young professionals who aspire to have branded furniture. We feel the colour, material, the whole concept of modular furniture is catching on with the young professionals with their exposure to western designs and the flexibility that modular furniture offers. Hence, we feel very upbeat about launching our store here.”

Mr Ashish Kishore owner of the franchise in Mohali said, “ Mr Ashish Kishore owner of the franchise in Mohali said, “The younger crowd these days are very clear on what they want, in terms of design and functionality and feel the international brands offer a design sensibility that ticks all the boxes. with its offer of a lifetime of service, a quick turnaround from concept to finish of an entire house in less than a month, fulfils all the requirement quite seamlessly.”

The newly launched store of in Mohali has been designed to give customers the feel of walking in to a fully furnished house, so customers can easily imagine living there and experience the perfect marriage of form and functionality


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