2 October 2023


In a serious attempt to break the hegemony of unethical grouping in the teaching community, Teacher’s Voice United Front (TVUF) has announced its panel for the coming PUTA poll. The panel members also released TVUF’s manifesto at a press conference held here.

“Our goal is simple. We will work towards restoring the lost glory of Panjab University. There are multiple pressing issues related to teaching, teachers and administration. We can’t ignore them any longer,” said Ashok Kumar while addressing the media after unveiling TVUF’s manifesto.

Kumar, who teaches at the Department of Hindi, is contesting for the post of President. The other panel members include Harmail Singh(CDOE/USOL) for Vice President; Kulwinder Singh(UBS) for Secretary; Vinod Kumar(Sociology) for Joint Secretary; Jaget Singh(UIET) for Treasurer; Sudhir Mehra (English and Cultural Studies) for Group I; and Minto Rattan(UIET) for Group III.

They said the current PUTA team has miserably failed on all fronts. There is no achievement really that the sitting panel can boast of. In fact, they are taking credit for things that have happened due to agitation done by teachers without any intervention at any stage of the struggle, by the sitting PUTA panel, members of TVUF said.

Harmail Singh said, “The candle lighting activity going on for the last over 70 days for release of the 7th Pay Commission arrears has been taken up by concerned teachers and there is no interest shown by the present PUTA members. In fact, this was a starting point that ignited us to make this panel, as we thought things need to be taken into our own hands.”

Kulwinder Singh said, “Chairpersons are an important component of our administrative structure. The supporting system for them – both manpower and finances, shall be streamlined. We will work towards the provision of these facilities to them. A fear-free ecosystem towards enhancement of the levels of academic excellence shall be put in place. We will ensure that UGC Faculties under the Faculty Recharge Program (FRP program) are included in the seniority list and TVUF will act conclusively towards enhancement of the retirement age of teachers to 65 years.”

According to the TVUF manifesto, the old pension scheme for all will be pressed for at the level of the Punjab government and TVUF will implement an LTC policy like that being followed in Haryana. TVUF will get reimbursed the amount which the employee has spent to repair his or her house in the residential campus. The panel is also focusing on recruitment of faculty, putting in place a policy so that no seats remain vacant in any department before commencement of session, greater representation of Assistant Professors in different committees etc.

Vinod Kumar said, “Other key issues we will focus on include the one person one post policy at the administrative level, Wi-Fi services in residential campuses, health care guarantees for teachers. We will also get the accessibility audit for RPWD (Rights of People with Disabilities) completed in the first two months of assuming power.”

The panel said that the process towards formalizing the Resident Welfare Association (RWA) for Panjab University will be re-initiated as the process was thwarted by the PUTA 2022-23 led by Prof Supinder and Prof Naura. Also, the issue of PHD increments will be resolved regarding which a lot of confusion was created by the previous PUTA.

Jaget Singh said, “TVUF will make it a point that Career Advancement Scheme (CAS) promotion does not become a problem for any individual and swiftness and transparency is maintained in the processes involved.”

The panel alleged that previously the PUTA President violated PUTA constitution by not organising even a single GBM and Executive meeting. Also, the election was declared through email not in the Annual General Body Meeting.

“We will follow the PUTA Constitution religiously,” concluded Ashok Kumar, President designate, TVUF.


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