20 September 2019


To enter and survive the world of entertainment is not easy. Other than talent, one also needs a constant support through the initial years. One such music label which is doing its best to provide the platform to such newcomers is none other than T.O.B. Gang (Talent on Board). Now they are coming up with their next project ‘Impress’.

The vocals of the song are given by Kevvy Saage. He himself has written the lyrics of the song. Nischay Sharma, has composed the music along with Kevvy Saage. The video of the song is directed by Robby Singh. Beautiful model and TV actress Fenil Umrigar has featured in the video. The whole project is produced by Dinesh Kumar. The video of the song is released on T.O.B Gang’s official YouTube channel.
At this moment, Kevvy Saage said, “I have been very passionate about music since my childhood, so whenever I work on any song, I cater it as a whole product. I try to give inputs in every matter involved, from the composition to video because I wish for things to come out in the best way. The song ‘Impress’ is very close to my heart and I just hope people will love this.”

The director of the song, Robby Singh said, “I have been in this industry for more than 10 years, however, I always prefer quality over quantity. I personally liked this song and I am sure the audience will also love this track.”

“Kevvy Saage is one such talent who needed a push and we are sure he will definitely be a big thing in the coming times in the world of entertainment. We are so happy that we got an opportunity to associate with him. We hope that the audience will appreciate his talent and shower their love”, the producer of the song, Dinesh Kumar said.

The video of the song has already been released on the official YouTube channel of T.O.B Gang on 19th September 2019.


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