13 March 2019


Today when across the globe, people are acknowledging the role, efforts, contribution and the whole soul existence of a woman in all its forms of being a daughter, wife, daughter in law, mother, mother in law and even working professional. To further boost this versatile spirit of a woman and further empower women with special skills an NGO with the name of Prasanchetas Foundation came forward to provide some special skilling sessions to less privileged women from Burail Village, which was held at the Government Middle School Burail. All these women have enrolled themselves as students under the various adult literacy programs.

To further ignite this spark of learning and unleash the inner strength of being a progressive woman, volunteers from Prasanchetas Foundation, who also happen to be students at the Panjab University came forward to train these women with the skills of making cloth bags and home decor items from waste material. To facilitate this initiative of Prasanchetas Foundation, wholehearted support was extended by the staff of Govt. Middle School and their respective principal, Ms. Narinder Kaur, who herself involved all these women, in a short prayer and meditation session to further create environment of mental peace and emotional harmony. This further added to the spirit of willingness, such that all the learning was well received and all the women wholeheartedly participated in all the tasks and further came up with their personal creativity as well.

All these experiences, boosted the morale of these women with self confidence, self esteem and most importantly self responsibility for one’s own growth and progress in life and be more skilled, more capable and more versatile in one’s actions and roles in life as a woman of today.


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