Once a drawing teacher asked her students to imagine and then to draw their imagination on the paper. Every student reciprocated with the highest level of enthusiasm and they completed their piece of art.
After that, they were asked to colour it, with just a single crayon. The students got confused. They reluctantly tried but were somehow not satisfied with the result of their paintings.
The very next week, their teacher repeated the same trend and asked them to draw the same picture but this time, to colour with any 2 crayons of their choice. The students got confused again and they were clueless again about what was happening.
The teacher followed the routine and at every succession, she allowed students to add one crayon to their sketches.The poor students were confused as they never understood her intention of adding one crayon every time.
After a month, the teacher asked them to do the same activity but now, she allowed them to use all the crayons they were carrying. The students were very happy, as they could now make their pictures more beautiful with a variety of colours.
Then, the teacher asked her students, “What did you learn from this series of activities?”
They replied, “The picture becomes more beautiful as we added colours and eventually the colours made our artwork beautiful.”
The teacher added, “This is what life is. Life is like a paper. We have to draw a picture of our choice and fill it with various colours. We should not stick to just one thing. We should not stay trapped in a single incident. If we want to make a beautiful picture, every colour, every emotion, every incident, every phase, everything is important. We just need the creativity to bring out the best picture.”
-Mitul Prajapati, Author 


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