“SAY NO TO DRUGS AND YES TO LIFE” is the motto of newly formed “ANTI CULT TRUST “



12 July 2018


BHUPINDER SINGH President of the trust said addressing media persons at Chandigarh Press club that Trust comprises of likeminded 111 social activists and Doctors of Punjab and will distribute No drug form to leaders of all political parties of Punjab and will ensure that they take the responsibility of making their respective areas free from drugs , he claimed that Trust already had already approached quite a few leaders . Dr Kritika Kamboj claimed to treat drug addicts without admission in 21 days with well researched homeopathic medicines. She already has cured 350-400 drug addicts of Malwa region . She claimed with their medicine there are no withdrawal symptoms and craving for drugs minimizes from beginning of treatment and within 21 days the person becomes healthy and addiction free . TRUST launched a FREE HELPLINE 86079- 20683 to help all absolutely free for the betterment of Youth of Punjab     


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