I like to….- A poem by Zalak Dave


I like to….
I like to find success from failure,
I like to be positive in negatives,
I like to find the ray of hope from darkness,
I like to be with near ones in worst conditions,
I like to give exams on each and every step of life,
I like to do Karma without the expectations of fruits,
I like to be strong in difficult situations,
I like to prove my existence in this world,
I like to wake up again and again after falling like spider,
I like to believe in Karma rather than Dharma,

“He Krishna” ,when there is no solution of my problems,
I like to have faith in you like Arjuna….
I like to…….

-Zalak Dave

Writer’s description:
Working in MNC Pharma company with Biotechnology background. With this writing skills, drawing,  painting,  dancing, are also key interests. Writes poems in Gujarati as well as in English.  Writes songs, too.  Got published my first book as “Half backed love 2” as a contributing author.  Next is also coming. 



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