29 November 2019


It is mandatory for the pregnant mothers to get vaccinated against flu and whooping cough to ensure that the baby does not catch either of infection in the first crucial year of life. Dr Preeti Jindal President, Mohali Obstetrics & Gynecology Society said while addressing Continuing Medical Education (CME) held on the issue of Vaccination during Pregnancy at local hotel here today.

The CME, which has been given 2 credit points by the Punjab Medical Council, aimed at updated the local doctors and gynecologist on vaccinations to be given during pregnancy. More than 100 doctors of the region attended this CME. PGI professors and Government Medical Colleges and Hospitals’ head of gynae were also present.

Dr Preeti Jindal added it is estimated many pregnant women and newborn kids die due to preventable diseases many of which can be avoided if proper immunization of pregnant women is done. Dr Someya Agrawal added that apart from tetanus injection and influenza, Tdap vaccinations should be conducted during pregnancy. The pertussis (whooping cough) vaccine is given between 27 and 36 weeks of pregnancy. Generally, babies less than 1 year old – if contracts whooping cough – have to be hospitalized. Many babies do not cough at all and instead stop breathing and turn blue creating life threatening situation that parents not be aware of at all. However, baby of a vaccinated mother does not encounter any such problem.

Chairpersons of the CME were Dr Kala Vashishtha Former HoD PGIMER and Dr Reeti Mehra, Additional  Professor GMCH sector 32 Chandigarh. Experts also held a panel discussion on vaccination in pregnancy. In this panel discussion Dr Rashmi Bagga, Dr Madhu Gupta and Dr Sunil Aggarwal participated.

To encourage young gynecologists to study Dr Preeti Jindal launched Yuva MOHOGIANS.


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