10 January 2018 


Expressing serious concern over outbreak of diarrhoea in Dhanas, Pawan Kumar Bansal, ex-MP and former union minister has said, the outbreak of Diarrhoea in Dhanas is a cause of serious concern and a result of Administration’s lackadaisical approach to issues of public health.

As per the Health Department, over 100 residents of Dhanas village have taken ill due to diarrhoea outbreak in the area. The residents were taken ill after consuming contaminated water supplied to their houses.

In a statement issued here Bansal said, “The most disturbing fact is to know that the tragedy could very well be avoided had the UT officials paid serious attention to the complaints lodged by the residents about the contaminated water supply, much earlier.”

He said, according to reports, one could easily see red insects coming out of the particular tube-well even when the UT epidemiologist visited the site, yet the UT Public health department continued to live in the denial mode and swung into action only when the damage was done.

“What’s even more appalling is that there wasn’t even any doctor available at the Dhanas dispensary to treat the ailing patients. Had the health department shown some promptness in taking preventive measures, this diarrhoea outbreak could be prevented”, he added.


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