2 November 2023


In a glorious display of skill and determination, Delhi FC(DFC) lit up the Namdhari Sports Complex Stadium with a mesmerizing goal fest, securing their first three points of the ILeague with a thrilling 4-3 victory over a determined Rajasthan United side.
From the very beginning of the game, DFC displayed an unwavering hunger for victory. Having drawn their first game, they were eager to seize all three points from their second home game, while their opponents, Rajasthan United, were desperate for a win after a disappointing opening match.
This set the stage for an enthralling contest that would leave spectators on the edge of their seats.
Right from the opening whistle, Delhi FC exhibited their intent to dominate the encounter. It took them no time at all to break the deadlock, with Aroldo finding the net early on at the 4th minute and giving DFC a precious lead.
However, Rajasthan United quickly marshaled their forces and equalized in the 14th minute, signaling their determination to challenge their spirited rivals.
Undeterred by Rajasthan’s reply, DFC surged forward with renewed vigor. Their relentless pursuit of victory paid off when Gurtej scored a marvelous goal in the 34th minute, pushing DFC back into the lead.
As the half-time whistle loomed, Aroldo demonstrated his brilliance once again, finding the net with an exquisite finish at the 44th minute. The score now stood at 3-1 in DFC’s favor, providing them with a much-needed cushion as the players retreated to the dressing rooms.
The second half promised even more excitement, with DFC refusing to rest on their laurels. Their attacking prowess was evident as they earned a penalty in the 53rd minute, which Sergio expertly converted, extending their lead to an impressive 4-1. Yan Law had promised a more offensive approach for this game, and his words rang true as DFC unleashed a relentless assault on their adversaries.
However, the ILeague is notorious for its unpredictability and penchant for drama, and this match was no different. Rajasthan United, refusing to fade away, mounted a remarkable comeback.
Yash Tripathi showcased his incredible talent, scoring two quick-fire goals in the 65th and 68th minutes, completing his hattrick and stirring hope within the Rajasthan camp. A game that seemed done and dusted was suddenly ignited with a renewed intensity.
DFC, aware of the danger, refused to surrender their slender lead. Fueled by their strong mentality, they continued to push forward, showcasing their positive approach. Both teams engaged in a thrilling end-to-end battle, leaving spectators in awe of their skill and determination.
In the end, it was DFC who emerged triumphant, securing a hard-fought victory in an exhilarating 4-3 encounter. The joyous celebration that erupted at the final whistle spoke volumes about the magnitude of this win for DFC.
With their first three points of the season safely in their grasp, they embraced a fresh wave of confidence, ready to take on whatever challenges lay ahead in their ILeague campaign.
As the fans exited the Namdhari Sports Complex Stadium, they couldn’t help but marvel at the spectacle they had witnessed, while they will sure await more such spectacles in the coming home matches for DFC.


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