6 September 2023


Delhi FC once again emerged victorious in the exhilarating Climate Cup, triumphing over UT Ladakh in a resounding 10-0 win. The team’s outstanding display of strength, determination, passion, and fitness showcased their exceptional talent as they steamrolled their way into the tournament finals.
The Climate Cup, an adrenaline-pumping football extravaganza set amidst the breathtaking landscapes of 11,000 feet high Leh, presents an unparalleled challenge for all participating teams. However, Delhi FC defied the imposing climatic conditions and elevated altitude to exhibit their unwavering excellence in a tournament where only the fittest and most skilled can prevail.
The game kicked off amidst the numbing cold weather at 8:30 am, but Delhi FC, known for their fearlessness, rose to the occasion with several notable lineup alterations. The match witnessed Fahad Temuri’s exceptional brilliance as he scored an impressive brace, finding the back of the net first in the 3rd minute of the game to open scoring with some individual dribbling skills on display and then in the 45th minute of the game. Kitbok also contributed to Delhi FC’s commanding lead, securing a goal in the 10th minute, making it a 3-0 scoreline by halftime.
Although UT Ladakh displayed a commendable fighting spirit in the second half, the floodgates opened with goals raining down incessantly. Tarun’s exhilarating hattrick with goals flowing in regular intervals in the 59th, 69th, and 78th minute added to the team’s confidence.
It was almost one-way traffic soon with Delhi FC dominating and controlling the game. Kuntal’s performance was nothing to lack behind as even after all the challenges due to altitude he managed to score two goals in the 62nd and 94th minute.
Overall it was a 5-star performance from Delhi FC and Rahul’s strike in the 72nd minute, along with Himanshu Jangra’s clinical finish in the 92nd minute completed Delhi FC’s astonishing goal-scoring spree to make the score line 10-0 at Full Time.
Delhi FC’s dominant performance catapulted them to the top of the tournament table with an undefeated streak of three consecutive wins. With a staggering total of 16 goals scored so far, they have left their opponents in awe of their unmatched prowess.
Now, Delhi FC braces themselves for the ultimate test as they gear up to face the Tibetan National Team in the highly anticipated tournament final. As the grand finale looms ahead, Delhi FC readies itself for the ultimate challenge, battling it out at the summit of Asia’s highest-altitude football tournament.

Points Table
Team Match Win Loss Goal Scored Goal Scored Points
DFC 03 03 00 16 03 09
Tibet 03 02 01 08 07 06
Ladakh FC 03 01 02 04 05 03
UT Ladakh 03 00 03 03 16 00


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