Cloudnine Group of Hospitals organises yoga training in Chandigarh



18 June 2019


Cloudnine Group of Hospitals Chandigarh, organised a special yoga training session for all the expecting couples and their family members.

Speaking at of the event congratulating all the father’s says Dr. Seema Sharma, Senior Consultant- Obesetriction and Gynaecology, Cloudnine Group of Hospitals, Chandigarh that there is increasing awareness that child birth can be a profoundly emotional experience for moms as well as dads. Moms need not feel alone and working together of the couple to bring their baby into this world can be intensely satisfying. Our main emphasis is to motivate husbands to become supporting fathers, this helps them to play active role in pregnancy and child birth, helps strengthen bonding and relationship with the baby, in a unique way. At Cloudnine,  we have an initiative called as Management of Baby Affairs which is a two day certificate course for couples as a part of its my baby programme for where mom and dads are trained together to cope up with challenges on how to care for the newborns.

Demonstrations included several asanas and pranayamas that would bring in holistic health benefits for to-be-mothers followed by tips by the cloudnine experts on how yoga and breathing techniques such as lamaze which is an exceptional combination of exercise, breathing and relaxation, work together to alleviate pain during labour and promote natural birth. Experts further highlighted the health benefits of yoga to alleviate the effect of common symptoms such as morning sickness, painful leg cramps, swollen ankles, and constipation.


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