CITCO celebrated Women’s day



8 March 2017


It’s a great rejoicing day for women today being a part of International Women’s day celebrations and events organized by CITCO at its flagship Hotel Mountview. The Vintage and Round the clock , Coffee Shop were  buzzing with Women as a part of celebrations and merriment. The Women guests and visitors were pampered with free nail art, Mehandi alongwith Make up workshop and belly dance workshop by renowned Choreographer Barsha Rana.  The women enjoyed the series of activities, food and beverages.

There was an entertainment quotient for the special guests at both the Restaurants .The Musical live band “The New age band” entertained the special guests. The lavish and sumptuous spread of food was appreciated by the home makers who are themselves connoisseurs of food at home. CITCO also propagated a widely appreciated step of giving discount equivalent to the age of women, who visited the hotel to enjoy evening in a vibrant and celebratory mood to acknowledge the International Women’s day in the evening hours. On this great occasion, the Managing Director, CITCO Ms Kavita Singh, highlighted the importance and significance of the presence of Women in family and society, therefore their presence and role needs to be appreciated in a larger public domain.


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