10 August 2023


Dissatisfied with the decisions being imposed by the CBSE on regular intervals, the private schools of the region have warned to withdraw their autocratic orders else they will be forced to knock the doors of the court. The private school management made it clear that if the same CBSE’s attitude continues, they will withdraw themselves from the CBSE board.

During a press conference held at the Chandigarh Press Club in Sector 27 on Wednesday, the various private schools associations have opened a front against CBSE, the country’s largest examination conducting agency. The representatives of nearly 3000 schools in Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh clarified that CBSE is the only agency conducting the examination and they have repeatedly said that the rules of the state government will be applied in the schools.

While addressing the press conference,  Haryana Progressive School Conference (HPSC)’s President SS Gosai and Senior Vice President Suresh Chandra, Federation of Private Schools and Associations of Punjab’s  President Jagjit Singh and Legal Convener Sanjeev Kumar Saini and Independent School Association (ISA)’s General Secretary RD Singh emphasized that it is clearly written in CBSE rules that school operators built in two acres can make 48 sections, but this year CBSE has issued a new letter which suggest that if any makes it, they  have to deposit 75 thousand rupees more. At the same time, they said that the sections in the schools were reduced in Covid 19 times and if the school administrators are now increasing the sections, then the exam conducting agency CBSE is now demanding money for increasing the sections, while it is clear in the rules that CBSE will not make any kind of section till making 48 sections. If the fee is charged then it will be illegal recovery.

They informed that there is a provision of charging only 50 thousand rupees by CBSE to extend the contract after five years. According to the new rules of CBSE, the school administrators will now have to obtain a safety certificate from the PWD for building safety, while the earlier rule was that the certificate be certified by an engineer approved by the government. “At the same time, this safety certificate will also have to be taken every year, but in Haryana, when the fire certificate has to be taken once in three years, then why the building certificate every year, it is a step to promote corruption”. opines association members.

Association members said that earlier 40 to 50 children could be taught in one section, but now CBSE has issued orders that only 40 children should be considered  in one section. Even in a situation having  81 students in a class, then the school administrators will be forced to make three sections just for the adjustment of a single student. In such a situation, the school administration will either cancel the admission of the child and if this happens then the student will not be able to take admission in the school of their choice.

Office bearers of the associations also expressed their resentment that more emphasis is being laid by CBSE on the name of teacher training, due to which the attention of teachers becomes more towards training rather than paying attention towards students in the class. The association has made it clear that if CBSE continues to trouble the school administrators, soon they will file a petition in the Honorable High Court against these policies of the board and the school administrators will be forced to change their education board. 


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