BJP National Conference inaugurated by PM Modi in New Delhi



11 January 2019


BJP National Conference, inaugurated by Prime Minister Modi, started in New Delhi today. The two day conference was attended by 65 representatives from Chandigarh led by the BJP Chandigarh State President Sanjay Tandon.

During the session Sanjay presented the report of all the programs carried out by the party in Chandigarh. Prime Minister Modi and BJP National President Amit Shah commended the effort put in by BJP Chandigarh and told other states to take inspiration from BJP Chandigarh team.

On the occasion, a tribute was paid to Parmavir Chakra awardee Kuldeep Singh Chandpuri, who was a resident of Chandigarh and is known for his bravery in famous battle of Longewal.

Some of the prominent members of delegation who represented Chandigarh at the conference included Chandigarh State General Secretary Chandershekar and Prem Kaushik, Vice President Ramvir Bhatti and Bhimsen Aggarwal, Secretary Gajender Sharma and Ramesh Nikku, spokesperson Dharender Tayal, Naveen Kochhar and Gurpreet Singh Dhillon, District President Shakti Parkash Devshali, Devi Singh and Ravikant Sharma, Media in-charge Ravinder Pathania, Councillor Bharat Kumar, Naresh, Munish Bhasin, Bhupinder Sethi, Vinod Aggarwal, Hitesh Pandit and Rajender Sharma.


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