66-year-old man suffering from end stage Oesophageal Cancer successfully treated at Fortis Mohali



8 October 2022


The Department of Medical Oncology, Fortis Cancer Institute, Mohali, has given a new lease of life to a 66-year-old Shimla-based man suffering from Oesophageal cancer (Stage 4), through the most advanced technique of Immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy is the latest advanced treatment for cancer which helps strengthen the immune system by destroying the cancerous cells in the body. Cancer of the food pipe is considered dangerous as the infection spreads rapidly and if not treated timely, the disease can prove to be life threatening.

The Patient had been experiencing symptoms such as changes in voice tone (hoarseness), pain in the food pipe, trouble swallowing food, drastic weight loss, and persistent heartburn. Subsequent medical investigations, including a PET-CT Scan, revealed that he was suffering from Oesophageal cancer (Stage 4). Despite visiting various hospitals and undergoing several sessions of chemotherapy and radiation, his health condition had not improved much, and the cancer continued to progress.

The Patient finally met Dr Rajeev Bedi, Director, Department of Medical Oncology, Fortis Hospital Mohali, in April this year. As the Patient’s health condition had not shown much improvement despite several treatment procedures conducted before, Dr Bedi decided to treat him through Immunotherapy.

Immunotherapy involves administration of medicines through the intravenous route (IV). This helps boost the body’s immune system to fight cancer and stop the disease from progressing further.

Following Immunotherapy sessions at Fortis Mohali in May, the Patient’s health condition improved drastically, and he was able to recover completely from the cancer and is leading a normal life today.

Himachal Pradesh-based Patient Veena Sharma, aged 67, was diagnosed with Stage 3 tumour and was treated at different hospitals but her condition did not improve. She met Dr Bedi at Fortis Mohali and was treated with Immunotherapy.  Post-treatment, her condition improved considerably and was able to recover. The Patient is currently on maintenance therapy.

Stating that Immunotherapy was a boon for cancer patients, Dr Bedi, said, Immunotherapy is the latest and most advanced treatment for cancer available at Fortis Mohali. The procedure strengthens the body’s immune response, targets the infected area and destroys cancer cells. This way, the disease is stopped from spreading to other parts of the body. It is a painless procedure and administered through the intravenous route. The Patient who was in last stage oesophageal cancer was cured of the disease through Immunotherapy.”

Fortis Cancer Institute provides advanced treatment options including Tumour Board Approach, Organ Specific Cancer Management, Advanced 


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