BJP Chandigarh Uttrakhand Cell organized meeting of party workers



3 March 2019


BJP Chandigarh Uttrakhand Cell organized a conference of party workers of the cell to discuss the preparation and planning for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections at the BJP Office Kamalam. The meeting was presided over by BJP Chandigarh State President Sanjay Tandon. Mayor Rajesh Kalia, State General Secretary Chander Shekar, Councillor Heera Negi and Senior Leader Shyama Negi were also present in this programme.

Addressing the present party workers, Sanjay said that people of the nation are very motivated by all the development work undertaken by the present government under the leadership of Prime Minister Modi. He said, the Prime Minister has given full freedom to the armed forces of the country to deal with the cross border terrorism. Two surgical strikes conducted by our armed forces have assured the people that nation is in safe hands.

He said the present government is a decisive government determined to work for overall development of the country. He described several development schemes including the Ayushman Bharat scheme which entitles poor of the nation free medical treatment up t0 5 lac. He also described the various schemes implemented to uplift the poor farmers of the country including a subsidy of 6000 which will go directly into their accounts. He appealed to all the workers that to continue the nation’s development spree we have to make sure Modi is relected as Prime Minister. He asked all party workers to make people aware of all development schemes of the government so that BJP comes back to power in upcoming Lok Sabha elections to continue the work they are doing.


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