Ziqitza Healthcare Limited shows a token of duty and care to their Fatehgarh Sahib staff crew, distributes winter wear!


Fatehgarh Sahib

1 December 2022


As winter approaches, temperatures plummet, days become shorter, and much of the north is plunged into chilly weather, the conditions pose a unique set of challenges for the crew to operate through winter months and work round the clock to serve patients in need. Keeping in mind the safety of their crew staff, Ziqitza Healthcare Limited shows a token of duty and care to their Fatehgarh Sahib staff crew by distributing winter wear!

Encouraging outdoor workers to wear layers with their everyday clothing, Ziqitza Healthcare distributed wind cheaters and warm shoes to a staff of . Cluster Leader Jagdeep Singh handed over the winterwear in the presence of the hospital staff.

Sharing his views, Mr. Manish Batra, Project Head, 108 Ambulance said, “Our duty of care includes protecting staff from the risks of working in cold conditions and bad weather.  It is our responsibility to provide a healthy work environment, equipment as needed and safe systems of work. All of these factors are relevant when considering winter working conditions and the control measures to put in place. So ensuring that our outdoor warriors are warm on the go is very important for us!


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