30 July 2023


Gynaecologists from across India and the world shared their valuable thoughts on multiple gynaecological issues during the two-day long international interdisciplinary conference ‘Cosgynae-23’ conference held at Hotel Hyatt Regency Chandigarh from July 29 till July 30. Cosgynae – 23 was inaugurated by the Chief Guest Chandigarh’s Mayor Anup Gupta and the Guest of Honour Ravneet Grewal, who is famous actor Gippy Grewal’s wife. On the concluding day a press conference was held by Dr. Preeti Jindal, Organizing Chairperson, Cosgynae-23 and other experts from India and abroad to share details of the 2-day mega conference that has set a benchmark in the field of meaningful confabulations on ‘Gynaecological Issues’.

Director , The Touch Clinic, Dr Preeti Jindal, who is a Renowned Gynaecologist, IVF, High Risk Pregnancy, Aesthetic and Regenerative Gynaecology specialist said that the experts at the 2nd International Interdisciplinary conference on cosmetic gynaecology deliberated on the latest in infertility, obstetrics and gynaecology.

It is notable that the event was organised by The Touch Clinic, Indian Society of Aesthetic and Regenerative Gynaecology (INSARG), Mohali Obstetrics and Gynaecology Society (MOHOGS) and VSLS (Vascular Society and Limp Society).

As many as 70 medical experts from across India and the world attended the conference, where they discussed latest developments in the field of women’s health such as gynaecological issues, anti-ageing, post-menopausal health, infertility, and cosmetic gynaecology.

Talking about ‘cosmetic gynaecology’ also known ‘aesthetic and regenerative gynaecology’, Dr Jindal said: “It is a rising field of women’s health to cover problems like unwanted urinary leakage, vaginal laxity, recurrent vaginal infections, menopausal symptoms etc.”

It is pertinent to state here that Cosmetic Gynaecology or Intimate Aesthetic Surgery is a group of procedures that are cosmetic in nature and not medically necessary. These are performed to enhance the look and function of the outer vulva and inner vagina.

The highlight of the event was the presentation of a paper by Dr. Preeti Jindal on the role of platelets with plasma in ovarian rejuvenation to help improve egg count in infertile women . Moreover, a paper by The Touch Clinic on the role of lasers in painless treatment of stress urinary inconsistency was also presented in the conference.

During a session titled ‘Evolution in Cosmetic Gynaecology’ Dr Prerna Keshan Cosmetic Gynaecologist, delivered a keynote address on vaginal anatomy and physiology from the cosmetic point of view.

Dr Jaideep Malhotra Cosmetic Gynaecologist, talked about the demands and challenges of ‘Fertility Preservation’ a process of saving or protecting eggs, sperm, or reproductive tissue so that a person can use them to have biological children in the future.

In another engaging session Dr Keshav Malhotra IVF Specialist elucidated on the evolution of Artificial intelligence (AI) & Automation in Embryology. A renowned Cosmetic Gynaecologist from Egypt, Prof. Doaa M Saleh shared her opinions on ‘Vaginismus Treatment’; Dr Prabhu Mishra Stem Cell Biologist, talked about Anti- Ageing with Stem Cell & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP).

Talking about technologies discussed in the conference, Dr Jindal said that newer modalities which are painless and harmless were analysed by the international and national speakers. Laser, radio-frequency, micro needling PRP, and other techniques were discussed.

What’s more, the conference discussed laser vaginal rejuvenation, high intensity focused ultrasound, hydra facial, vulval aesthetics, laser hair removal, labia-plasty and hymeno-plasty, and carboxy therapy for stretch marks among others.

Some of the prominent speakers in the conference included Dr Ayman El Attar from USA, Prof Doaa M. Saleh, MD (Obs & Gynae), President of International Association of Aesthetic and Urogynecologists (IAAUG), Dr Hrishikesh Pai, MD, FRCOG (UK), MSc (USA), Dr Alexander Bader, MD, FAAOCG, FAAC, and President-Founder, ESAG, Dr Sharon Li, Cosmetic Gynaecology, Australia, Dr Judy Wei, MD, FACOG, Medical Director, Wei Aesthetic Institute, Dr Ragini Agrawal and others.


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