31 January 2020


City based Mitul Dikshit a photographer, cultural activist and educationist and his 14-year-old son Idant who is a student of Class VIII at Strawberry Fields High School, Chandigarh have put up an exhibition of photographs captured during their recent nearly 20 day  sojourn of Lapland – Finland’s Northern most region. Lapland is  also known to be the place where millions of travellers from across the world long to go, just to feast their eyes upon the magical phenomenon  of ‘Aurra Borealis’  or Northern Lights. The exhibition of breathtaking pictures by Mitul & Idant has been put up at the Government Art Gallery, Sec 10 here and will be on from January 30- February 1, 2020 from 10 am till 5 pm daily.

Mitul Dikshit said, “The Northern Lights are enchanting illuminations which are unpredictable and usually appear only on very cold nights in Northern Finland above the Arctic Circle, these lovely images, through the ages , have aroused a feeling that they have magical powers beyond human comprehension. In Finish this phenomenon is also called ‘ revontulet’ , which means ‘fox fires’. We have captured the Northern Lights in its full grandeur and put it on display at the exhibition for all to see.”

In this photo exhibition 45 photographs of the father -son duo have been showcased. Out of these there are 35 by Mitul and 10 by young Idant.

Mitul explains his experience, “We were able to get some nice clicks of Polar night. In the Northernmost parts of Finland the sun really doesn’t come up for weeks, but thanks to the snow, Northern lights and moonlight, the polar night is actually very beautiful and colourful. Also, the noon looks like a sunrise turning into a sunset without the sun never actually getting up – this is when you can see some beautiful pink and orange colours in the sky.”

‘Northern Lights’, is not just displaying the beautiful colours & hues splashed by nature in the region but also has images of the rich flora  and fauna of the picture perfect area- Lapland, which is covered in a spotless white blanket of snow.

Idant said, “The winter landscapes in Lapland are fascinating, with ever changing light, snow covered trees like nowhere else in the world, and frozen lakes as far as the eye can see. I have captured these aspects and loved the whole experience. The Polar night of Finland also offers a one of a kind experience to see some Northern lights and the Milkyway.”

Mitul is a die-hard adventure lover and is in love with travelling. Taking a cue from his father Idant too has developed a major liking for the adventurous outdoors. Mitul has already travelled all the seven continents including Antarctica, on which his coffee table book named ‘Antarctica Gods Own  Canvas’ was published , after, travelling all seven continents , Mitul has exhibited his work on ‘Wildlife Safari of Masai Mara’ and ‘The Great Barrier Reef ’, which was diving underwater at the Great Barrier in Cairns, Australia. He has done ‘The Polar Expedition at the Arctic’ and the most recently he did ‘The Inca Ruin and the Amazon Jungles’.

Idant Dikshit  who apart from being is an avid traveller like his father is also a  passionate photographer and has travelled to six  continents and plans to travel to Antartica next year.


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