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28 April 2020
Amidst lockdown 2.0,Punjab police have been actively using ShareChat platform via #PunjabPoliceIndia to create awareness, sharing important updates related to COVID 19 and hearing grievances of punjabi language speaking users on the platform
Social media engagement on ShareChat by Punjab police has so far drove an engagement of over 40,000 with over 10,000 shares and has garnered over 2 crore 50 lakhs views on the platform..
Punjabi language speaking users of ShareChat have also been very active on the platform in appreciating the Punjab police officials by posting videos of their on ground work. They are also vigilant on the platform and support the Punjab Police in sharing the videos of defaulters so a strict action can be taken against them.The users videos on the platform have received over 30,000 shares and over 50 lakhs relevant views.
Posts by Punjab Police
Posts by punjabi language users


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