Doctors’ day: Renowned Ayurveda expert Guru Manish proves Ayurveda’s efficacy in chronic & serious diseases



1 July 2021


On the occasion of National Doctors’ Day – a renowned expert of Ayurveda, Guru Manish, held a press conference to showcase the efficacy of Ayurveda treatment in patients suffering from chronic & serious diseases by presenting 6 case studies at the Press Club here.

At the press conference, Guru Manish was accompanied by Dr Chandan K. Kaushal (Retd. Dist. Ayurveda & Unani Drug Officer); Dr Akshay Kaushal (MBBS); Dr Suyash P. Singh (BAMS, DNYT,PGDIP) and Dr Avira Gautam (BAMS, MD). The patients & their immediate relatives were also present on the occasion.
Underlining the importance of Ayurveda in chronic & serious diseases, Guru Manish, who is the founder of Shuddhi Ayurveda said, “Ayurveda, is an Indian herb based medicine system  and also the oldest in the world, it  has the power to cure numerous chronic and serious illnesses such as kidney failure, liver disease, hypertension , diabetes, asthma, & has proved effective in even cancer among many more health issues.”

Interacting with the media, Guru Manish shared the details of a 74-year-old woman patient, Mrs. Prakash, who underwent a ‘coma-like situation’ & was given  little time to live by an allopathy based hospital. The family then admitted Mrs. Prakash to the  Shuddhi Panchkarma Hospital in Dera Bassi near Chandigarh.  The patient who was suffering from lumbar lordosis, left side lumbar scoliosis, osteophytes, & disc bulge underwent herb-based medicines’ treatment and therapies. She started walking again after 5 days.

“We had given up all hope for my mother and then Ayurveda came to our rescue. I would like to thank Guru Manish ji & all the doctors at Shuddhi’s Panchkarma hospital for saving my mother.” Said Mrs. Prakash’s son.

Sharing another case study of a 26 year old patient, Manik, Guru Manish said, “The patient was diagnosed with CKD (chronic kidney disease), cervical and sinus & was told to get a kidney transplant done by allopathic practitioners. On May 5, 2021, he was admitted to Shuddhi’s centre and after 24 days of therapy, his kidney was rejuvenated.”

Manik said, “I have got a new lease of life and would motivate people with health issues to take shelter under Ayurveda, as I have been cured and am on the way to full recovery only due to this very effective system of medicine.”

Dr Avira Gautam (BAMS, MD) further added, “Today we have also presented a case of a lady Ms. Harjeet Kaur  who was operated and her thyroid gland was removed as it was cancerous, however post the operation she lost her voice and even limb movement due to mild diffused cerebral atrophy after treatment she can speak and walking with support.

Three(3) more cases of patients with serious ailments who got cured after Ayurvedic treatment were presented. A video preview of the patients’ journey before and after Ayurvedic treatment was also held.       

Dr Suyash P Singh (BAMS) said, “We normalized the imbalance in the patients’ by flushing out the unwanted remnants from the body caused by improper diet and unhealthy lifestyle. We didn’t give patients symptomatic treatment but a holistic one. Along with herb medicines and therapies, we encouraged patients to follow a proper healthy diet.”

Dr Chandan K. Kaushal (Retd. Dist. Ayurveda & Unani Drug Officer), “Compared to modern medicine there are no post-treatment complications in Ayurveda. Since its focus is on the roots of the disease, it is more effective and also much safer than any other medicine protocol.”

During the occasion, Guru Manish also felicitated the Ayurveda & other doctors for their immense contribution & sacrifice in the war against the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is imperative to mention that Shuddhi Ayurveda has set up COVID care centre at its hospital’s premises at Derabassi, it  has already treated hundreds of COVID 19 patients successfully.

Dr Akshay Kaushal (MBBS) summing up said, “There is an urgent need to have an integrated medicine system for better disease management and treatment. Allopathy and other systems of medicine like Ayurveda should be used in tandem for fighting different diseases.”


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