Congress leader Bhupendra Hooda considers Dalits as his slaves and labourers: Kanta Allaria



26 May 2024


National President of Mission Ekta Party Kanta Allaria today accused former Chief Minister Bhupendra Hooda of forcing and treating Dalits as his slaves and workman and said that Bhupendra Hooda’s mentality is clearly visible from his actions that he makes the Dalits comprehend that Baba Saheb has given us all the rights under the Constitution, but event today, despite the right to equality under the constitution, Bhupendra Singh Hooda, believes that the Dalit community is below the powerful and influential people.

Allaria said that the way Haryana Pradesh Congress Committee President Udaybhan is seen on social media platforms sitting at the feet of casteist Bhupendra Hooda for the past few days, it is clearly visible that Congress can never be Dalits’ well-wisher. Allaria also added that according to protocol, the post of State President is the biggest and most influential post of the state organization. 

Kanta Allaria said that Congress President Udaybhan should feel ashamed of himself, who is insulting not only the Dalits in the state but also the entire country by behaving as Hooda’s slave even after the implementation of the Constitution. Baba Saheb has given us the right of respect and self-respect for us to keep our heads high but traitors like Udaybhan in the Dalit society, who are merely feeding their families in the name of being a Dalit, are only a stigma on the Dalit community.

The society should understand these casteist agents and anti-Dalit people like Udyabhan should be boycotted in Haryana and abroad, so that in the future no domineering casteist could dare to humiliate anyone from the Dalit society. Kanta further added that all the wrongdoings that happened in Mirzpur, Bhagana during Hooda government regime, the Dalit community has not been able to forget those incidents even today, including Rohtak Madina incident, insult to Baba Saheb Dr. Ambedkar ji etc. 

He said that Congress, BJP and AAP are all parties of capitalists and casteists, these parties can never do any good to the Dalits, backward farmers and labourers.

Therefore, Dalits, backward classes, farmers and laborers should take revenge of the injustice done to them by casting their vote against these capitalist parties and work together for the upliftment of the society.

He appealed to everyone to teach a lesson to these brokers created by the capitalist parties.


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