Will there be another divorce in Desho’s fate?



11 October 2021


Zee Punjabi has been successful in maintaining the mood of the audience with a steady flow of twists and turns in their show ‘khasma Nu Khani’. As we all know it’s a story of wife Desho’ who became a successful businesswoman. Her ex-husband is jealous and wants to demolish her with the help of his girlfriend, Simple.

Simple tries to create conflicts between Desho and her husband Ranveer during the party, while Desho is busy talking to her son amid the party beside Armaan. Ranveer is brainwashed against his wife and decides to divorce her immediately after the party and is not interested to listen to what Desho is trying to say.

Desho, being concerned about her marriage, disagrees with Ranveer and refuses to sign the divorce papers and decides to stay with him. In the upcoming episodes, Simple will be seen plotting against Desho while Devika takes advantage of the divorce plea and  tries to seek Ranvir’s attention and does not miss any chance to come closer. To watch all this, stay tuned at 7:00 pm from Monday to Friday on ZEE PUNJABI.


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