9 March 2019


To commemorate International Women’s Day, an interactive and informative session on ‘Importance of Women’s Health was organised for the teachers at The Gurukul, Zirakpur.

Dr Kamla Kaushal, Head- Obs & Gynae Department, addressed over 30 Teachers on some common health related issues such as PCOD, Menopause, iron and calcium deficiency.

She also shared valuable information on breast cancer-its causes, symptoms and preventive measures. Dr Kaushal emphasized on the importance of early screening for Cancer prevention and early detection and educated everyone to do self breast examination regularly.Speaking on the topic, Dr Kamla Kaushal said,” Sedentary lifestyle and poor nutrition are some of the major causes behind cancer and other lifestyle related diseases.
She clarified various doubts raised by the audience and also encouraged everyone to adopt a Healthy lifestyle and take proper nutrition. The session was well received by the audience.


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