27 February 2018

Kulbir singh kalsi

There are plenty of machines that are faster and produce more, however, inventors have not left out the idea of energy saving. One of the biggest concern of machine makers is that they need to make the machines that they manufacture energy efficient. This effort was visible at on the 3rd day of the GMMSA EXPO INDIA- 2018 that witnessed a large number of visitors. People from different parts of the country visited the exhibition, organised by Garments Machinery Manufacturers & Suppliers Association (GMMSA) (Regd.) at Dana Mandi, Bahadurke Road in Ludhiana from 25 February to 28 February, to get a glimpse of the latest technology that is available in the market.

With the growing urgency to save resources, manufacturers are striving to make machines more energy efficient. The aim is to deliver effective production and to minimise wastage. Saving water and electricity is a challenge that all inventors face. However, it is only the love for the environment that helps them work towards inventing technologies that work for general betterment.

Mr Lalit Khosla of Magnum Resources said, “With digitalization being the only way out, we have on display here digital feeding machines with enhanced capabilities. We have new machines and devices that can be attached to basic machines so that they can give the output of fully automated machines. The machines are low maintenance and consume lesser amounts of energy for functioning. In fact this new technology makes the machine use 40% less electricity making it more environmental friendly and cost effective.”

Mr Virendra Mishra of Vimoshi Textiles said, “The Xing Lian jacquard machine that we have on display here runs on a German Frank Bearing Bed making it way more efficient than its ancestors. With the functioning more efficient, lesser power is used to run these machines. This machine consumes 25% lesser electricity than old machines.”

Mr Satyadev Goyal of IIGM said, “Quicker machines mean that the production is more. With the betterment in technology the cost-effectiveness of a  machine ensures that it is putting lesser pressure on the resources. The Juki sewing machines are known for their reliability, making them excellent machines that last longer and require lower maintenance.”

Mr. Gurdit Singh Oster, Director, Oster said, “One cannot ignore the growing market of fashion and comfort. Keeping this in mind our Oster Spinning Division has launched the all new future knitting yarn called Elexo. This yarn is super soft and has been made specially for the fashion segment and the products that are made of this are super soft and comfortable.”

Mr. Rajesh Krishan – CEO of Paradise Engineering Corporation said, “We have introduced computerised flatbed knitting machines this time under brand Xing-Fu. The knitting machine works at high speed of over 100 and is very cost efficient resulting in better productivity. Our packaging and finishing machines have also received tremendous response from the visitors and industry at large.”


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