19 March 2023


Mayor Anoop Gupta and Congress  President HS Lucky were the chief guests at the felicitation ceremony for Ram Leela artists from all over the country.
Shri Ramsevak Yuva Kala Manch organized a first of its kind felicitation ceremony at Makhan Shah Lubana Bhawan Sector 30, Manch’s Chief Pattern Viponjit Singh Aman, Chairman Vikas Soni and Director Pradeep Kumar and President Ajit Kumar said  that its For the first time, all the artists who played the role of men and especially women in Ramlila from all over the country were felicitated. On this occasion, the legend artists who retired after playing roles for 40-50 years were honored with Lifetime Achievement.Organizer Pradeep said that this is probably happening for the first time in India that the artistes of Ramlila are being honored on the same stage and especially those artists who have played women’s roles or women artists themselves. The chief guests thanked the organizers for organizing a wonderful program dedicated to Lord Ram. Mayor Anoop Gupta praised the increasing role of women in Ramlila and described it as an example of women empowerment.


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