28 November 2022


Hundreds of traders of the Ind Area took to the streets on Monday against the administration. Fed up with the attitude of the administration, the traders took out a protest march in the industrial area. All the traders gathered at Industrial Area Phase-2 at 4 pm and Marched towards Tribune Chowk. During protest they wore black clothes in protest.

Traders said that they have been working in the industrial area of ​​Chandigarh for the last many years. They raised his business like a child. These business are their only support of their family, but now the administration is harassing them by sending various notices. They are being sent notices in the name of violations and their shops are rumoured to being demolished. The administration wants these traders to get fed up and migrate on their own. The traders said that they will not allow this intention of the administration to be fulfilled. They will not run away under any circumstances.

The traders said that the thinking of the officers of the administration is beyond our understanding. The officers of the administration think something else for themselves and something else for the public. They said that if the administration wants to remove the violations, then it should first remove the violations in its offices. The traders said that if the atrocities against them continue like this, then they will have to step up their protest under compulsion.

On the one hand, the administration had changed the name of the industrial area to Chandigarh Business Park a few years ago and on the other hand, it is not allowing any more business to take place.


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