God made me for taking care of Women: Dr Swapna Misra

Gynaecologist from Fortis Hospital shares her experiences on Women's Day special Interview



8 March 2018

I was meant to be a Gynaecologist. God gave me birth to take care of women. I was always passionate about being a Gynae that I never thought of doing anything else with my life says Gynaecologist Dr Swapna Misra from Fortis Hospital Mohali.

In an Exclusive Interview on Women’s Day, she shared her journey with World Wisdom News. She even highlighted some more common medical problems that people face now. Additional Director, Obs and Gynae Dr Swapna Misra is working in Fortis Hospital from past 11 years and her experience with the hospital is great till now. She did her MD from Delhi and worked in GMC and ESI hospital before.
Explaining some Gynae problems women face commonly, Dr Swapna told that Genital Cancers, PCOD, Sexually transmitted Infections, contraception are becoming frequently common and reason being ignorant behavior towards health and unhealthy lifestyle. She said, “Cervical cancers are more common in India. People are not aware that they need to get their Yearly health Checkups done and that is why they reach us mostly in last stages. Cervical cancer is acquired from Infections and also transmitted through Sexual contacts.”
Emphasizing more on diseases, she told that PCOD, Hormonal disturbances, Growth of Facial Hair in Women, Irregular periods and Infertility are some common problems that her patients come up with. Also Vaginal infections are there, they can be hard to diagnose on your own because there are more than 15 types of Vaginal infection. Patients need to visit their Gynae rather than checking symptoms from Google or somewhere else.
Dr Swapna shared some preventive measures that can help in preventing many Genital and Vaginal problems. She said, “Regular Exercise is must. Leading a healthy lifestyle can prevent you from many diseases including Gynae problems as well. Use of Condoms and Contraceptives is as important as any other thing. Women aging from 13 years till 40 years can get vaccination done for Cervical Cancers. Also, not to forget Yearly examination. Yearly health Checkup is the most important thing any person should do. Maybe I should say, Must do.”

Watch Dr Swapna Misra wishing everyone Happy Women’s Day here

Talking about the symptoms of Cervical cancer, one can sense it when there is abnormal discharge, bleeding after intercourse, foul smelling discharge, intermenstrual bleeding. Anyone having these symptoms should directly visit their Gynecologist as soon as possible.

Fortis is the only hospital in India that is using Robotics method of surgery and Dr Swapna herself has done more than 40 Robotics surgeries till now. She said that people need to get more awareness on Robotics surgery as it is the advanced form and is less painful. Patient gets his discharge within 1 day only and can get back to his work in 5 days. So it is hassel free for any patient.

Lastly, Dr Swapna wishes Happy Women’s Day to all her patients and women out there. Giving her message to women she said, ” If you have Power in You, Sky is the limit”.
And as a Gynae, she sends a message to women saying:

“You have to Focus on your health as you are the backbone of your family. If you are strong, Family is strong and our Nation will be strong.”
Happy Women’s Day!


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