DAADU- Short Film



23 September 2019


A short film ‘Daadu’ is produced by Billy Kaur, written and directed by Prabhjot Bhangu. The film highlight’s the core issues of drug use not in India but also visualizes about it’s extended wings in the Punjabi community in Canada. It is scheduled to be released on 29th September 2019 globally.

This is director’s first short film, she has written and produced a Hollywood feature ‘Poignant’. She was inspired by the Asian community trends which have raised a lot of questions regarding this issue. She went on a journey to search answers to those questions and ended up directing a film to aware people regarding this cause.

The film features fresh face artists from Canada. Raj and Jiya the main characters of the film are an ambitious young kids engaged to each other but into the drug business. Their respective families are not aware of this but on the other hand they want to get out of this business by doing one last deal. But on that fateful evening Jiya gets killed in a road accident.

Jiya’s Daadu, faces emotional breakdown and somewhere keeps a grudge deep in his heart for almost 2 years against Raj that he might have plotted something against her grandchild which lead to this major loss. Raj has been allured and being tortured in a barn by Daadu. He believes that Jiya was pushed by Raj and consequently she died because of him. Daadu is suspicious about Raj’s activities and  thinks that Raj is into some kind of illegal business and by faking Jiya’s accident Raj got her out of the way. Daadu’s world shatters when Raj tells him that Jiya was a criminal just like him. Will Daadu believe him and forgive him or will Daadu kill Raj and give justice to Jiya.

“This experience was completely a new journey for me as a director. This film is inspired by real life incidents happening around our community in India as well as Canada. Our youth mainly kids in their early teenage are getting trapped and they end not only ruining their life in fact the entire family. The reason behind keeping it linked to the real incidents was to connect to the audience deeply. So, that they can understand the depth of this deep rooted problem in our society”, said Prabhjot Bhangu at the Press conference.


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