7 November 2023


Circle Of Crust, the renowned pizza chain with a commitment to culinary innovation, recently hosted an exclusive pizza-tasting event at its newly opened outlet in Sec 35, Chandigarh. This event introduced the brand’s distinctive pizza crust options and a range of India-inspired pizzas.

Innovation in crust options lies at the core of Circle Of Crust’s culinary expertise, elevating the pizza experience for enthusiasts. Attendees were introduced to a variety of pizza options featuring specially curated crusts, including Spinach, Multigrain, Corn, Gluten-Free, and Beetroot. These unique crusts not only provide a delightful twist to traditional pizza but also cater to health-conscious diners.

The event featured a diverse selection of Indianized pizzas, a testament to the brand’s commitment to accommodating a wide range of taste preferences. These delectable pizzas have been thoughtfully crafted by Chef Gajendra to resonate with the diverse and rich flavor preferences of Indian consumers.

“We are dedicated to offering unique and inventive pizza experiences,” stated Mrs. Neha Anand, Founder of Circle Of Crust. “Our innovative crusts and flavors are tailored to suit the Indian palate. As a special Diwali offering, we have introduced a curated Diwali Pizza, and we are excited to share these culinary creations with our valued customers.”

Circle Of Crust continues to lead the way in the pizza industry with its pioneering approach to crust innovation, providing options that cater to a wide range of tastes and dietary requirements. With a focus on innovative crust options and a dedication to delivering unique and diverse flavors, Circle Of Crust has established its presence in multiple cities across India.


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