19 August 2023


Chandigarh’s Balreet Mann who is an established fitness trainer , has made the City proud by winning ‘Mrs. India 1st Runner Up’ title in the coveted Beauty Pageant – Glammonn Mrs. India, held in Dubai recently. The 37-year-old fitness and fashion enthusiast is also a doting mother of a 9-year-old daughter. A never-ending hunger for growth is what made Balreet bag the position amongst many talented contenders. Balreet also won two sub-titles, Mrs. Fitness and Mrs. Popular.

During a media interaction, at the Chandigarh Press Club, Balreet Mann said, “I always wanted to participate in a beauty pageant ever since I was a little girl, however, because I lived in a small city in Punjab, I did not get the opportunity. But when I married Guradesh Mann who is a renowned fitness consultant and contest prep coach I got encouraged by him to pursue my passion. Without his help and support, I wouldn’t have come this far in life. Earlier I was overweight, but my husband helped me greatly in getting back into shape.”

Talking about the contest Mann said, “The competition was tough as women from all over India had participated. Twenty-five ladies were in the fray. I remained confident, and performed all rounds without inhibitions as I wanted to prove that I can do well on my own, without support – that’s the reason I didn’t take any family member along though many women had brought some or the other family member with them for support. I also want to say that in beauty pageants it is not just your physical beauty but also how you use your intellect that matters.”

Balreet shared that she felt proud while performing ‘Bhangra’ in the talent round as she was able to showcase Punjab’s rich culture through the dance.

“Glammonn Mrs India was not only a beauty pageant, but also a chance to grow myself emotionally and mentally. I learned a lot about myself throughout the amazing journey of the contest. In fact, in my heart of hearts by doing well in the pageant I wanted to prove to married women that your passion and zest for a career do not end after marriage. I urge all married women to not be afraid of going after their dreams even after marriage,” she said.

Giving married women a piece of advice Mann said, “My message to married women is that you have everything that’s needed so pursue your dreams, come out of your shell, prove to the world that you can achieve success in what you aim for. My advice to married women is that they should take care of their fitness and gut health as if one’s fit, a lot can be achieved.”

Balreet has set a great example for today’s married women to defy the odds, and turn all their dreams into manifestations with hard work and unwavering perseverance. Balreet has her hands full of responsibilities of family and work, yet she keeps on pushing her limits. Balreet never misses a day of workout, come what may.

Balreet aspires to participate in the forthcoming Women’s Fitness competition while training under her husband. She now is planning to carve out a name for herself in the world of women bodybuilding.


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