6 December 2017


 K Koffee Hotels & Restaurant registered in Ottawa, Ontario , Canada has opened its first outlet in India at Sec 8, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh. The eating out joint is a unique buffet restaurant for the budget food spender and was unveiled by Mr. Ajit Anjan Singh, Director, International Language Centre(ILC), Canada. The buffet restaurant has a social motive too. As much as 30 per cent of its earnings will go into welfare & relief of street dogs, wherein they will be provided food, shelter & medication.

 K Koffee’s Chef & team did a lot of brainstorming on creating an innovative platform, for eating out needs of the price sensitive consumers, particularly office goers & students. To create a point of difference  K Koffee will showcase a whopping 50 tasty versions of Indians’ favourite  choice when it comes to tangy fast food — ‘Golgappas’.

 “All our  ‘Golgappas’ are fresh & not touched by hand. We pride ourselves in being the only place in tricity & even North region to be specialising in as many as 50 flavours of ‘Golgappas’.” Said Amit Tyagi, GM, K Koffee, Chandigarh. The launch of the restaurant was heralded by a tasting session of these 50 types of mouth-watering ‘Golgappas’.

The Golgappa menu list at K Koffee is unending. There is a normal flavoured Golgappa, classic khatta meetha, 10 types fruit flavours, stuffed golgappa,pizza golgappa, 3 types of soft-drink golgappas, spicy golgappa which is available in 21 flavours, ice cream golgappa, ice chocolate golgappa, bharva golgappa, vegetable flavored golgappa et al.

 Apart from the exquisite & well spread out range of golgappas there is a pocket friendly buffet menu too. This includes food which is cooked totally in home style by the Chef  and has a dal, vegetable, rajma, paneer dish, rice , chappatis, gajrela, gulab jamun option for guests. Tasty french fries & parathas too are available.

 Soon K Koffee will be launching 24 types of Parathas, 26 kinds of Burgers, 32 types of patties and a whopping menu list of 120 pizzas.

 With such a wide variety in golgappas, enthusiasts need not think twice about the place that they can get a satisfying taste of these lip smacking culinary delights.

“There were food joints for fine dining, fast food both Indian & Western and even roadside vendors & tuck shops, but missing was a place where the budget guest could sit and a have a full Indian meal in a clean & appealing ambience. We are filling this gap with K Koffee. Of course the golgappas will be an icing on the cake.” Sums up Amit Tyagi.


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