Ashish Mittal Foundation celebrated World Oral Health Day



20 March 2021


Ashish Mittal Foundation celebrated World Oral Health Day along with 40 children of village Mubarakpur, Punjab via a Zoom Meeting.

The invited speaker, Dr. Sharia Attar (BDS, PGHM), currently a Clinical Analyst in US Healthcare company Cotiviti suggested brushing teeth twice a day for 2 mins to keep teeth healthy. She also emphasized the importance of visiting dentist at least once a year. She also encouraged a habit of washing mouth after every meal to maintain oral health. The seminar was interactive with songs and cartoons, the children found it insightful.

The seminar was followed by a oral health kit distributed by Ashish Mittal Foundation. A vote of thanks was proposed by Prachi Singla, secretary of AMF. Children participated in a drawing competition post the seminar.

They were all awarded with gifts by the chairman, Ashish Mittal and they departed after Lunch. The efforts of AMF were applauded by the invited speaker and the parents of the child participants.


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