I turned 30 today (26 December). My birthday has always been a special occasion for me. Though obviously, everyone is excited for their birthday. But being a Capricorn, I am always more than excited! Only my other fellow Capricorns can understand what I am saying.

Well, turning ‘30‘ is a milestone. Finally entering my thirties taught me some lessons which I want to share with everyone. Some are hard learned.

  1. Don’t expect

It’s nothing you haven’t heard before. And yes it’s not easy to not expect anything from people. But I would say sometimes don’t expect from situations as well. If you want to, expect from yourself only.

  1. Nobody is your Friend

Yeah I mean it! Well some people will message me after reading this one saying Am I not your friend? My answer would be this time, “NO!” I don’t think so. This year 2022 specially showed me true colors of so many people whom I thought to be close to me.

  1. Work, work, work!

Yes, I am a workaholic. Being a Capricorn, only work gives me happiness. Though I am a perfect balance of Lazy and workaholic. You can only thrive in life if you are working towards your dreams.

  1. Don’t tell everything to everyone

Girls you know, they tell everything to everyone without thinking. I was the same. The chatterbox in case of some people. Then by disclosing my personal things to other people, some people taught me it’s better to stick things to yourself.

  1. Do not Trust anyone

The only person you should trust is yourself. Whenever I have trusted anyone, they showed me how badly that can be broken. Though it’s hard for me till now, I remind myself everyday not to do it.

  1. Don’t be Shy

I used to be an introvert. But my profession doesn’t allow me to be that way anymore. I never used to talk to anyone first. Then when I tried doing it first, I realized how great connections can be established just by saying Hello.

  1. It’s all in mind

You want to win, you want to be happy, you want something to work out, everything is in your mind. There is nothing you can’t do. You just have to believe it first.

  1. Overthinking ruins happiness

I am an overthinker. I overthink a lot, sometimes for days. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t stop sometimes. But it has destroyed so many beautiful moments of my life because at times I was living in my head rather than being present.

  1. My best friend is God

I believe in God. My best friend over the years is always God. I feel so lightweighted whenever I share my sorrows with God. I never feel alone even if I have nobody.

  1. Anyone can leave

This one hurts. I am someone who gets affected by people leaving. I show it or not, it literally kills me. Be it anyone, even someone I have known for short period of time. But growing up taught me, people leave. Some want to leave, some are forced by situations, some are meant to leave. And that’s okay. It has nothing to do with you.

  1. People’s bad behavior isn’t your responsibility

Okay! I always thought that people behave bad with you whenever they have any problem with you. But that’s not at all true. Most people project their own struggles, their own frustration on you. So if someone is bad to you, says something mean, don’t take it on yourself ever.

  1. Don’t be people’s pleaser

Never, never try to please people. No matter how hard you try, some people will never be pleased with you.

  1. Enjoy every moment

Enjoy small moments, because you never know how fast they are gone. Spend time with your close people and try to cherish it.

14. Not everything and everyone deserves your attention

You should never waste your time on giving your attention to everything that comes your way. Sometimes it’s best to just ignore.

  1. Communication is the key

There is nothing that can’t be accomplished with a good communication. Be clear while communicating, rest depends on the situation & the person you are talking to.

  1. Don’t expect people to help you

Yes, people even friends are not bound to help you. Sometimes some people just don’t want to do it even if they are in a position. Don’t expect. You can request and people are allowed to deny it.

  1. Nothing in life comes easy

You have to work for it, earn it! Don’t think that life will be easy. You just have to be strong. Strong to overcome anything that comes your way.

  1. Friends turn into enemies

Most of mine did. Many times some friends turn into enemies. That is okay. You just keep going. Nobody can harm you till the time you are doing everything right. So nothing to worry here.

  1. It’s important to know when to speak and how

This is the most important thing to know. You must keep quiet when it’s necessary but you must know when to open your mouth and how much to speak. Also, it is important to know infront of whom.

  1. Networking helps in your work

This is nothing new. You must have heard of it. Try to grow your network as much as possible. It helps in your professional terms. A lot more than you think.

  1. Sometimes Revenge is the only answer

You must not act every time. But karma has so many people to take care of. So if it is deem necessary and there is no other option left, go for it!

  1. Sometimes planning doesn’t work

I love planning everything. I feel so bad when things don’t go as I plan. But most times, things doesn’t go that way. So I have learned to let things flow the way they want to.

  1. Never mix personal and professional things

You should keep your personal things away from professional ones. Vice- versa, never mix professional things in personal life. I have experienced many quarrels with my friends whenever I tried to mix things.

  1. Only 1 person is enough

You don’t need a crowd in your life. Even if only 1 person is standing with you in happy and sad times. It’s more than enough. It can be anyone, any friend, family, partner, mentor.

  1. Family is not only Blood

Family is very important to me. It always has been. I can fight the whole world alone if it’s about my family. But over the time I learnt that only blood doesn’t make family. Family is the tribe you built over the years. It’s your people, whom you can rely on, or they can rely on you.

  1. Don’t associate with people who try to destroy you

It speaks for itself. You should never be around those people who try to destroy you behind your back. No matter who they are. People who care never do these type of things, not even unintentionally.

  1. Being Rebel is the best thing happened to me

Born on 26th of December, Capricorn, it’s in my stars. I am a rebel. I have always broken rules if it doesn’t harm anyone. I have a deep sense of understanding for other rebels, and how they feel. Something that I didn’t choose, something people hate me for, but I am very happy that I am a rebel.

  1. Standing up for right things

I always stand up for something I feel right. If it’s not for me, then also. I can’t tolerate wrong things. Even if that means people will hate me. I am happy with that also. Maybe my purpose in life is to Stand up for right things, because most people don’t.

  1. Celebrate small wins

You should never let your wins slide just like that. No matter how small they seem. Cherish them, celebrate them and then move forward to your goals ahead. It gives you more motivation to achieve things in life.

  1. You change

As you grow old, your choices, your behavior, your personality, everything changes. I used to think why people keep saying that when you will get into thirties, you will think about money and responsibilities only. I used to be like, no I won’t. But here am I. My priority is always about the responsibilities I have, how can I spend less, what things needs to be done. I feel like a more grown up person now. Even for celebrations, my choices have changed.

I thought to share some things I learned. Maybe it will be a help to someone. Happy Holidays! And Happy birthday to me 😉



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