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11 October 2021


Following the vision of the founder of St. John’s, Brother Edmund Rice, the teaching staff has initiated various community service programs to reach out to the community at large. This project is largely known as the Covi-Aid project of St. John’s. Under the Covi-Aid project, there are 5 groups working to reach out to the community namely, ANAND, AASHIRWAD, SANGRAHA, JAGRUKTA and UTHAAN.

The ANAND Covi-Aid group was created to encourage our students to be more compassionate towards others. This was especially important during these unusual times due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The Anand group focusses on celebrating special days, especially with those who have been hard hit due to the various lockdowns imposed to curb the spread of the virus.

For example, the festival of Rakhi was given a unique twist when eco-friendly rakhis were made and distributed along with masks and sanitizers in neighborhoods and to household staff.

For the month of September, the last week of the month was celebrated to mark the World River Day that falls on 28th September. Just as the rivers are harbingers of perennial hope, in the same spirit the water department workers of the M.C. were appreciated by giving them THANK YOU cards and pinnis.
Another group, AASHIRWAD works for the humane cause of extending help and support to the senior citizens during the pandemic. Cards are made for the elderly, they are sent messages and calls are made to wish them on their special occasions. They stay connected with the elderly in these difficult times, cheer them up and provide emotional support and happiness.
The SANGRAHA group helps the fragile people of the society. As a part of our contribution towards society, the members of Team SANGRAHA visited the Bal Sadan Association (Children’s home) in Panchkula. They contributed various food items and toiletries to the inmates.
Also as a part of the contribution, food items and stationary were sent to the inmates of the Missionaries of Charity.

As the name suggests, JAGRUKTA is the awareness group of Covi-Aid. The group started with the first awareness campaign aimed at corona precautions. Students under the supervision of their parents and following full COVID protocol, created awareness through posters highlighting precautions against the spread of corona in public places. Following that, awareness was created that everyone must get fully vaccinated.

In an endeavour to reach out to the affected families during the pandemic, the Covi-Aid UTHAAN warriors are playing a pioneering role in getting placements for the most vulnerable communities who lost their jobs during the lockdown. Working on the available database, the group is instrumental in disseminating valuable information among the job providers and job seekers.
We at St. John’s feel inspired by the power of love and service that can change the world and make a difference. Each one of us can make a valuable contribution to society and touch many lives.


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