23 June 2023


Around 30 LGBTQIA+ models redefined the boundaries of fashion and celebrated their diverse identities when they took to the ramp during a fashion show, ‘Kaleidoscope’, at Roadies Koffeehouz, here yesterday.

Organised by Queering in Chandigarh (QIC), a local LGBTQIA+ collective, as part of the 2023 Pride Month celebrations, the show embraced the community’s authentic narratives through five captivating themes.

“The themes were so designed as to challenge the norms and showcase the rich tapestry of LGBTQ+ experiences. We had ‘Goth’ in which the models presented the dark and daring world of leather, lace, and mysterious allure. ‘Cool for the Summer’, on the other hand, was full of vibrant colours, breezy fabrics, and playful designs,” said Gigi aka Gaurav Gandhi, the director of ‘Kaleidoscope’ and member of QIC. “’The Prom that Broke My Heart’ dived into a world of nostalgia and heartache with outfits evoking the themes of love, loss, and resilience, reminding us of the power of self-love and acceptance.”

Other two themes included ‘Keeping it Vintage’ that had models flaunting the retro-inspired fashion, honouring the queer trailblazers who shaped the course of history. ‘Rebelliously Sanskari’ celebrated the fusion of queer identities with Indian culture while defying traditional norms.

“Queer community has been historically known to redefine fashion and our aim with this event is not only to showcase the courage and style of LGBTQIA+ people but also to reclaim the tricity’s public spaces. Chandigarh being a cosmopolitan city known for its motto, ‘Open to give, Open to receive,” should be safe space for everyone to be themselves,” said Simran, the founder of Queering in Chandigarh. “We started this group last year and have been organising public meet ups, sensitisation workshops, listening support circles, film screenings and book readings to push for diversity and inclusivity in the tricity.”

Many of the models presented their queer identities to the larger public for the first time and hence the show was an empowering experience for them.

“Being a queer person, it is very important to be seen. Preparing for Kaleidoscope and then walking the ramp today reminded me that fashion is not about conforming but about embracing our unique selves, proudly and unapologetically,” said Julia Taga, an engineering graduate from the city.

Other organisers of the show included Gurkamal, Simran and Nanki.


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