16 July 2019


Sanjeev Gharoo, Director of a Panchkula Company, Sungevity Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. victimized of Rupees 50 lakhs fraud in the name of Initiative under the New Economic Development Policy (NEDP) called the “Magnetic Mizoram Investor Summit” organized by Mizoram Government in collaboration with its official state partners Innovation India in April has began to yield results a scam.
Sanjeev Gharoo, Director of Solar power solution company, Sungevity Enterprises Private Limited became victim of Rupees 50 Lakhs fraud in the name of “Magnetic Mizoram Investors Summit” organized last year by Mizoram Government.
In this regard, Mr. Gharoo told that on 20-21 April 2018, along with the Mizoram Government, CEO of Magnetic Mizoram Rahul Sudesh Bali organized an Investor Summit in which Chief Minister of the state Mr. Lal Thanhawla was the chief guest. He further told that many companies took part in the summit, in which Premjeet Sharma, Director of Sungevity Enterprises Private Limited participated and agreed with the policies of the government and signed Memorandum of understanding (MoU)  with Mizoram Government under which the company had to gearing up to set up the first and the biggest solar power plant in the state with a capacity of 100 MW. in which the company was about to invest 600 crores.
Providing more details, Mr Gharoo told, “According to this M.O.U. under the Mizoram Government, the company got around 100 hectares of land, on which the company gave a technical survey and after that a D.P.R. (Detail project report) was handed over to the Mr. Lal Thanhawla CM of Mizoram Government in August 2018.
According to M.O.U. the next work between the government and the company had to be P.P.A. (Power Preaching Agreement).
CEO of Magnetic Mizoram Investor Summit and the managing Director of Innovation India Capt. Rahul Sudesh Bali, who as the state partner of the Mizoram government continued to meet the directors of the company and told that he knew the functioning of the government well and then he started demanding money from Sungevity Enterprises citing big relationships inside the government of Mizoram. For this, Capt. Rahul Sudesh Bali argued that it is not possible to get a contract for the company without him.
Citing details of transactions done by his company directors, Mr. Gharoo told that the directors of the company transferred worth about Rs. 30 lakhs in the current account and savings account of Capt. Rahul Sudesh Bali’s company Innovation India and another 20 lakh rupees cash was handed over to director of Innovation India Capt. Rahul Sudesh Bali and Bhavna Bali.
It is worth mentioning that a huge amount of Rs 600 crore was to be invested by Sungevity Enterprises Pvt Ltd in the state, which was not according to the company’s rules to prevent such a huge amount for the long stretching of the project, due to which the company felt that the CEO of Magnetic Mizoram Investor Summit Capt. Rahul Sudesh Bali and Bhavna Bali are playing a game with them. After sensing their malefide intentions, the company decided to not put the project in Mizoram and demanded the money back. Then the format of the contract sent to Capt. Rahul Sudesh Bali got replaced which was later sent to the company as a consultancy agreement signed by Capt. Rahul Sudesh Bali.
Sanjeev Gharoo told that we recognized their intentions and then our company requested for our money back through many correspondence. Later, Capt. Rahul Sudesh Bali called three Directors of our company to Delhi for the returning of the money in February 2019. But rather than returning the money, he filed a false and baseless complaint against the directors of the company in Delhi.  He informed our company towards ushering in development via investment in Mizoram but rather got trapped in the fraud by “Magnetic Mizoram Investors Summit”. The result was that neither Mizoram State got the development under the name of Solar Power Plant, also our company got cheated.
Eventually, the company’s director Sanjeev Gharoo filed a complaint with DCP Panchkula against the CEO of Magnetic Mizoram Investor Summit and Director of Innovations India Capt. Rahul Sudesh Bali and Bhavna Bali, both are yet not cooperating with police even after the notice is issued.
Mr. Gharoo said that if investors are being cheated by the government brokers in this manner, then in any of the states the investor will be forced to think before investing. It is very important to keep these frauds in order to protect the investors.  This is surely the end of an investment era in Mizoram, he added.


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