19 November 2022


Chandigarh is known for its love for the finer things in life and City Beautiful is ready to welcome artisans and weavers for the National Silk Expo at Himachal Bhawan Sector – 28B, Madhya Marg, Chandigarh  from 19th to 24th November. So get your shopping bags and pick up the creations of the best silk weavers in the country. The expo is open from 11am to 8.30 pm and entry is absolutely free.

This B2C ‘business-to-customer Expo is hosting more than 80 renowned designers and weavers from all over India with their 1,50,000 varieties of sarees and dress materials to browse through and choose from. It features a variety of styles such as the double weave Ikktas, Ghicha silks and cottons, jute silks available in earthy shades and vibrant colours. Specialties such as the famed Kantha work sarees from West Bengal, Pochampally, Muga Silk, Paithani, Baluchari with exclusive weaves, designs and traditional motifs. Saris with intricate Madhubani prints from Bihar are a highlight of the expo. The stalls also have Kosa and tussar silk sarees on display.

With the Winter and Wedding season just around the corner, it’s a golden opportunity to refresh your wardrobe and avail the mind-boggling discounts. The exhibition also take visitors down a trip to weaving lane, where they will learn about some of the vintage techniques used in the process.

Speaking on the occasion, Organizer Jayesh Kumar of Gramin Haskala Vikas Samiti said that the uniqueness of the event lies in the fact that you will directly be purchasing from the weavers and artisans. They have traveled from different states of the country- Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh in the North, and in the South, all the way from Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Looking for more than just sarees? Look no further because the National Silk Expo has you covered. Traditional themed jewelry or furnishing items are all available here so you can leave with those shopping bags stuffed to the brim!

The expo is about more than just buying fancy jewellery and sarees. It is about learning the weaving culture and about the lives of the artisans. Be sure to visit the expo soon, before it closes down on 24th November and you’ll be all set to celebrate your winter and wedding season in some traditional ensemble!


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