31 October 2019


The 6thAnnual Conference of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgeons Association of Bharat (MISSAB) and World Endoscopic Spine Society (WESS) is being organized by Trinity Hospital, Zirakpur. Around 150 doctors from all across India and abroad will be attending this three-day international conference from November 1 to 3 along with reputed international and national faculty in field of Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery.

While speaking to media persons at Chandigarh Press Club here, Dr. Mohinder Kaushal, Consultant Orthopaedics, Endoscopic Spine and Arthroscopic surgeon and Chairman Trinity Hospital said, “The scientific sessions will cover guest lectures, symposiums, clinical case discussions, operative video sessions. The special feature of conference will be live surgeries and hands on Cadaveric Workshop on Endoscopic Discectomy, Lumbar canal Decompression, Transforminal, Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy, Dr Kaushal’s Arthrospine Spine Endoscopy & Minimally Invasive Spinal Fusion, OLIF.  These key-hole techniques lead to less pain, less infection risk, faster recovery of patients without the need of prolonged bed rest. The theme of the conference is Minimising Complications and shortening the learning curve in MIS surgery.”

There will be considerable emphasis on practical skill development during the hands-on Cadaveric workshop whichwill be conducted at Anatomy Department, Govt. Medical College & Hospital (GMCH), Sector 32, Chandigarh on 3rd November.

The three-day conference will be inaugurated on Friday, November 1 by Health and Family Welfare Minister, Government of Punjab Balbir Singh Sidhu, along with Prof. BS Chavan,Director Principal, GMCH, among others at Trinity Hospital, Zirakpur.

After the release of MISSAB newsletter, Shri Balbir Singh Sidhu will also be launching Dr. Mohinder Kaushal’s Arthrospine Duo Endoscopic spine system for minimal invasive access to spine and removal of herniated disc fragments. This is world’s first system which can be used in Dry and Saline Endoscopy mode.

Dr. Mohinder Kaushal who is also a pioneer in the field of Endoscopic Spine Surgery in the region shared his vision which led to the founding of an exclusive facility for treatment of Spine disorders, Arthroscopy and Sports Injuries.  He stated, “Our commitment to excellence in Spine Care starts with making sure we deliver outstanding results through innovation and expertise.  The Hospital has been custom created for providing world-class Spine care and rehabilitation. We believe that “Movement is Life” and our efforts are directed towards preserving and enhancing the patient’s quality of life.”

Dr. Sang Kyu Son, renowned spine surgeon from South Korea, addressing the press conference shared that with the advent of technological advances it has become possible to treat majority of spine disorders by key hole surgical techniques. As more and more patients opt for these techniques, surgeons are also showing great interest in learning these techniques hence the need of such training workshop/courses.

Dr. PC Dey, Secretary, World Endoscopic Spine Society, stated that Endoscopic Spine Surgery has revolutionized the treatment of spine disorders. Open spine surgery traditionally has been associated with poor results due to big cuts, lot of pain, long recovery times, longer hospital stay, more medication and more chances of infection due to extensive dissection and healthy bone removal. With advent of Endoscopic spine surgery, the outcome and results of spine surgery has changed dramatically- big cuts have been reduced to small cuts, weeks of hospital stay has been reduced to few days and hours, fast recovery, less need of medicines and quick return to activity and sports has made these techniques popular among patients.

Among prominent who will be present on the inaugural day will be Dr Sang Kyu Son, South Korea; Dr Abdul Halim Yusof, Malaysia; Dr Luthfi Gatam, Indonesia and Dr Vijay Bhodal, Member, Punjab Medical Council.


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