10 May 2024


The Foot and Ankle Department under the Department of Orthopaedics, Fortis Hospital Mohali, has successfully treated several sportspersons suffering from complex ankle and foot ligament injuries through Minimal Invasive Surgeries.

Dr Chandan Narang, Associate Consultant, Foot and Ankle Department, Fortis Hospital Mohali, has treated many such athletes, thereby bringing them a ray of hope.

In one such case, a 21-year-old kabaddi player Rahul Kumar, from Delhi Dabang, Pro Kabaddi League 2024, Season 10, whose performance had been severely hampered due to debilitating ankle and foot ligament injuries and who was on the verge of quitting the game, was treated by Dr Narang recently.

The Patient was in acute pain and his mobility had been severely affected. After he failed to get relief from treatment procedures at other facilities, he approached Dr Narang at Fortis Hospital Mohali.

Medical examinations revealed that the Patient had Chronic Ankle Instability (frequent twisting of the ankle), which causes recurring giving way of the outer (lateral side) of the ankle. The condition is primarily caused due to repeated ankle sprains.

Dr Narang treated the Patient through Lateral Ankle Ligament Reconstruction, wherein the ankle ligaments on the outside of the ankle were repaired through internal brace and reconstruction.

Following good rehabilitation at Fortis Hospital Mohali, the Patient had a smooth, post-operative recovery and was discharged on the following day. Subsequent follow-ups showcased significant progress and the Patient was able to resume his practice and engaged in sports-related activities.

Discussing the case, Dr Narang, said, “The sportsperson had Chronic Ankle Instability and used to suffer from repeated ankle sprains. He was unable to play and this had been hampering his performance. Post-surgery, he was able to get back to the sport. Fortis Mohali specializes in corrective surgeries for sports-related foot and ankle ailments. We offer a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the unique needs of athletes and sportspersons.”

“Deformities in the foot and ankle can be congenital or could be developed over a period of time due to neuromuscular defects. Patients suffering a stroke, nerve or tendon injury may develop such problems. Timely intervention and personalized care in restoring the athletic prowess of individuals grappling with sports-related ankle and foot injuries is paramount,” he added.

Fortis Hospital Mohali offers several procedures for foot-related injuries sustained during sports, fractures of the foot, muscle tear, pain in heels, flat feet, ankle sprains, ankle arthritis, bunions, tingling or numbness in foot, stabbing pain in the ball of foot, burning sensation from the inner side of the ankle to sole, ankle fracture, unexplained painful swelling in foot, diabetic foot reconstruction, foot drop (inability to lift foot), ankle equinus, ankle ligament tear, childhood foot deformity, club feet, and many other foot-related injuries.


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