22 March 2019
Arc Skills, a global skills provider for schools, universities and corporates, took first of its kind initiative to generate awareness to the group of underprivileged girls, aged between 8 – 14 years, from Sparsh NGO on Digital Literacy. The sole aim of the workshop was to enable the girls to understand how to navigate through the digital content & social media, without compromising their safety.
The rising addiction of internet among children has become a concern for parents and the society at large.  Children are more likely to believe the content available on the internet to be true and factual, without actual awareness. Several reports have appeared on vulnerabilities among children playing games online namely ‘Blue whale’, that ended their lives. Digital literacy has become the need of the hour, not only to educate children belonging to the underprivileged section, but saving them from exploitation.
Kakul Misra, COO, Arc Skills while commenting on the initiative said, “We at Arc skills are committed to create an impact in the society through preparing our children on new age skills. And, Digital Literacy plays an essential part in our journey. Children are avid media consumers as any other group, but they are not the wise consumers. In addition, with over exposure of social media as a media of regular communication, it is key to educate them for their safety. It is our responsibility to make them an informed & responsible citizen who look at things critically, takes pride in questioning and curiously seeks answers to questions.”
Manya, student of Sparsh NGO, said, “We are delighted to have this session. We have been using Whatsapp and Youtube on regular basis but were never aware of the consequences it could lead to. This is the first time we have been trained on how to use social media platforms and we intend to train our friends too who could not become the part of this session.”
Diskha, student of Sparsh NGO, stated that, “I really enjoyed the session and learned lot of new things. I am thankful to Arc Skills for the fruitful session.”


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