Achievement: Guru Manish a renowned Ayurveda expert sets up India’s first integrated medical sciences hospital near Chandigarh


Dera Bassi

28 August 2021


A one-of-a- a-kind  hospital equipped with ‘latest medical technology’ has started operations in the region. The hospital by the name of Rajiv Dixit Memorial Hospital & Institute of Integrated Medical Sciences(HIIMS) is a unique medical facility which is a pioneer in bringing the concept of ‘Integrated Medical Sciences’ not just in the region but even in India. Founder of the hospital Guru Manish who is a  renowned Ayurveda and nature cure expert along-with the in-charge of the allopathy department of HIIMS – Dr Amar Singh Azad (MD in Community Medicine, MD in Paediatrics) announced details of HIIMS in a press meet organised at the hospital.  Dr Suyash P. Singh (BAMS), HIIMS was also present. 

“An Integrated Medical Sciences hospital caters to patients by using a judicious mix of different medicine systems. HIIMS  has brought the goodness & healing capacity of these varied medical sciences under one roof. The idea is to treat any disease of the human body effectively using best practices of different medical systems so that the disease is cured from its roots,” said Guru Manish.

Added Guru Manish, “Different  medicine systems have different strengths and the integrated hospital will harness the best potential of every system.”

HIIMS, which is located at a distance of 20 kms from Chandigarh has been set up at  Devinagar(Opposite Haldiram’s), on the Chandigarh- Delhi Highway, in Dera Bassi, and offers facilities of Ayurveda, Allopathy, Diabetes  Control, Unani, Naturopathy, Homeopathy etc. These are managed by experts who are top specialists in their chosen areas.

Dr. Amar Singh Azad said, “Initially the hospital has been established with  a capacity of 100 beds which will soon be ramped up. The idea is not to have acrimony between different systems of medicine but to use the power of all medicine systems for cure of diseases. “

Dr Suyash P. Singh (BAMS), HIIMS, informed, “All latest diagnostic tools will be used to find out the medical condition and its extent. Thereafter a committee of top practitioners will decide on which ‘medicine system’ is to be majorly used and which supporting medical protocols – from other systems, are to be adopted.”

 HIIMS will not only treat patients using the latest technology and the best scientifically proven medicines of different medicine systems, but will even carry out revolutionary research in medical science.

 While Guru Manish will head the Ayurveda wing, Dr Biswaroop Roy Chowdhury who is known for his revolutionary ‘DIP’ diet to cure diabetes, will take care of Diabetes patients, Dr Amar Singh Azad and Dr Awadhesh Pandey will helm the allopathy department.

HIIMS also has plans to run practical courses for para-medical staff from time to time so as to upgrade their skills. It will also run workshops for doctors to provide them with the latest knowhow and skills.

HIIMS has proved that it is possible to rise above parochial thinking in the healthcare industry, which limits one and results in embarrassing verbal clashes between different medical sciences, which was seen in the recent row between allopathy and Ayurveda.

Summed up Guru Manish, “Our raison d’être is serving humanity. We will not charge anything from poor patients who cannot afford it. What’s more, our rates will be very competitive when compared to other corporate hospitals which are based only on allopathy.”

Dr. Chandan K. Kaushal, Ex District Ayurveda and Unani Drug Officer, Mohali was also present on the occasion along with Dr Akshay Kaushal(MBBS). 


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