Your makeup and hairstyle plays a major role in determining your look for valentine day, Good makeup accentuated with stylish hairstyles can transform your look completely and turn you into vivacious valentine Diva. If you are confused and cant fix up the perfect look to woo your valentine you must follow advice and tips shared by Mallika Gambhir, Makeover expert  from Persona Salon.


Go for bangs, layers, retros or bobs but choose the style acording to shape of your face.

Fringe bangs will sharpen up any short cut add shine to a pin straight finish you can wear your fringe over one eye with a slight part on the opposite side and use a comb to smooth out the hair with a flat iron for a sleek look.

 Bangs can be cut in various exciting new ways from ultra full, angled, curvy or cropped, whatever your hair type from thin and fine, to curly and thick to straight and medium you can achieve a sexy look with rounded bangs or lash length tresses.

Retro crop with a hollywood glam look can be achieved with classic curls, edgy waves or baby fine flair in a variety of haircolors from auburn to chocolate browns to fiery reds or platinum blondes.

 Slanted Bob, the fringe is the focus and when styling you can have a dramatic look with long and short layers that hang to the side.other suggestions is to have a slightly uneven part in the center of your crown to divide hair into two sections on side longer than the other.

Wild Bold Hair, with this look there is no rules, the haircolor can be shocking as well as the cut of the hair from striking streaks to spikes and messy uneven hair pieces that are in a V shape or cut into disconnected layers of thick and thin tresses. For eye catching color on a cropped bob, of full bangs or longer high gloss strong vibrant edges from wispy, soft layers to ruffled punk gel directed hair to clean modern geometric cuts.

Texture from waves, flips and curls add flair to short hairstyles no matter if your curls are full corkscrew wide waves or spiraled ends.

You can have a soft feminine tousled look for many head turning beach waves, retro waves or coils to flirty crowns that leave your hair longer on the top and tapered near the nape of the neck and ears.

Mid-length locks allow for a bold statement since big hair is what is in right now of full bodied curls for volume, for straight face framing layers to a classic chic chin length blunt cut my favorite would be the asymmetric design because of its strong jagged layers and heavy bangs create a shape of drama and fashion style.


The oval face : The Gal with the oval shape face can wear any style. Exception, If one has a large nose, it is a must to wear fluffier bangs, and make sure never to center part the do…. If you have a very small nose,wear fewer shorter bangs.


A round face is wide with a round hairline and round chin line. With a round shaped face, it is best to attempt to create the illusion of length. You can do this by adding height on the top of the head, keeping the hair close at the sides. To complete the style with bangs brushed over to one side.


The face that is long and narrow with hollow cheeks is oblong. It is important to make the face appear shorter, and wider. Styling the hair close to the top of the head, and adding fullness at the sides. Fringe bangs will add a softness to the face, and add the elusion of width to the face.


A square shaped face is wide with a square shaped hairline and chin. The square lines are best softened by lifting the hair off the forehead, and having the hair come forward at the chin, and the temples.


The pear shaped face is narrow at the forehead, and wide at the jaw and chin line. The style that compliments a pair shaped face, partially cover the forehead, and keep the style slightly full and high.


The face that is narrow at the forehead and chin, and wide through the cheekbones is diamond shaped. For this face shape,a bit of height on top, and fullness across the forehead.If you choose a longer hairstyle. Keep the height at the top, and fullness at across the forehead,with hair close to the head at the sides or behind the ears, can flair out below the chin.


The heart shaped face is wide at the forehead and narrow at the chin.This shaped face will as a rule look good with most any hairstyle, as the oval shaped face. The most complimentary do- fullness at the jaw, with a center or slightly off-center part, with slanted bangs

MAKEUP : Go for makeup look that matches mood of the day, no matter what you plan but go or a romantic palette, if you have porcelain skin tone that go for lipstick shade in soft apricot, brownish pink with cheeks in pale peach, apricot or natural blush pink and for eyes opt for cool neutrals and soft pastals.  

Fair Skin ; If your complexion is fair, go for lipstick in warm neutral shades like nude and pink, for eye makeup warm and cool tone would look nice. Avoid tones of yellow and orange. 

Medium to olive complexion would be suited with coral, peachy pinks, berry, plum and brown shades for lipstick, coral pink with soft orange tones for blush and neutrals within earthy brown and mossy green shades for eye makeup. 

Deep skin looks beautiful with any deep shade, berry, rose, coral or coffee, for lipstick plums and apricots on cheeks and bronze, burnt orange, olive , sapphire colours are flattering. Use cream formulas rather than powders, but nothing too heavy. “If you pile on the foundation, you can end up accentuating rather than masking even the smallest imperfections, says MALLIKA GAMBHIR. Remember thumb rule, dont go overboard with anything and try to look a feminine beauty.


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