6 May 2020


The Panchnad Research Institute has taken strong exception to the heinous incident in Palghar district in Maharashtra last month in which two Sadhus along with the driver of their car, were lynched by a violent mob of a nearby village.

 In a resolution adopted by the Panchnad, Prof BK Kuthiala, Director, and Dr KS Arya, Executive Chairman, have asked the Maharashtra chief minister Udhav Thackery to institute a CBI investigation into the case as a deep-rooted conspiracy was suspected to be behind the brutal incident.

The macabre incident has stirred the conscience of the nation. The two sadhus, accompanied by a car driver, were on their way to Surat to attend a cremation when they were waylaid near Gadchinchale village and mercilessly beaten for more than an hour in the presence of three policemen, including an ASI, which demonstrated clearly that the state machinery allowed the crime to take place without controlling the assaulters.

The resolution said the heinous crime had exposed the inefficiency of the police which allowed the mob to have a free hand in brutally beating the Sadhus.

The theory that they were mistaken for child-lifters is complete hogwash because both the sadhus were in their traditional saffron attire. There are all chances of it being a pre-planned attack on the Sadhus, the resolution said and demanded that strict security provisions be made for the sadhus and people like them who are engaged in a purely religious way of life.


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