4 December 2023


State SIP Abacus Competition 2023 was held here today at Tau Devi Lal Sports Complex. The competition involved around 1200 young children (7 to 14 yrs) and their parents from across Chandigarh Tricity, Punjab & Himachal Pradesh. Satya Pal Jain, Additional Solicitor General of India, was the chief guest on the occasion.

SIP Academy (SIP stands for Sociable, Intellectual and Progressive) is an organization that works with young children (5-15years) and helps develop their skills through our three flagship programmes – SIP Abacus, Globalart and Mikids.

Founder of the organization is Mr. Dinesh Victor, informed, “We started in 2003 and we are present across India in over 350 cities and have expanded to 14 countries. Over the past 19 years we have trained over 9 Lakh children. We have over 900 centres and 4000 teachers, most of them women who deliver these programmes week after week.”

Victor is a graduate of IIT Mumbai and IIM Ahmedabad. He had founded this in 2003 after spending a little over 8 years working in corporates. They have a team of 225 employees across India.

Jagdeep S. State Head informed that the SIP Abacus Punjab State Competition also called SIP Punjab Prodigy is one of the largest events in the state where children from across Chandigarh Tricity, Punjab & Himachal Pradesh participate in person. In 2019, around 1000 children had participated in this contest.

The contest was held in 2 rounds – one which started at 8:30 am & other at 10:30 am. The children were required to do 325 sums in 11 minutes.


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