Hypnosis is not a Jadu-Tona or Tantra-Mantra, but a science: Sajan Galani



13 November 2019


A Hypnosis (New Beginning of Life) Live Seminar was conducted by Mr Sajan Galani, Life Coach and world famous trainer at Hotel Park Inn, Chandigarh today. The free seminar will continue on 14 and 15 November also. Mr Galani is a member of Hypnodyne Foundation,USA). He is an educator, successful entrepreneur and a peak performance consultant to organizations, individuals and professional sports teams.

Sajan Galani is the Member of Hypnosis International Board of Registration and is a Hypnotherapist certified by Hypnodyne Foundation, USA. He inspires and informs people, helping them realize their true potential. He has taken his dynamic personal message all over the country. He has got mastery in Hypnosis, which is required for practical training.

According  to Sajan Galani, Hypnotism is a mind control session to reach out to the sub-conscious level and give suggestions to the subjects. Hypnosis is not a  jaadu-tona or tantra-mantra, but a pure science. The seminar was conducted to help people get rid of hypertension, depression, nervousness, lack of self- confidence, etc. Workshops are conducted throughout the country.

Mr Sajan Galani said that he has been conducting such seminars for the past 22 years all over India, even in small towns. Over a lakh people has got trained in this ancient art so far. He has even trained the renowned trainers of the country, including Sneh Desai, Jitendra Hardia, N K Sharma, Trupti Jain, Avadhoot Baba Shivanand among others.

He claims that a person can increase his confidence level, memory and willpower through this training. Self Hypnosis helps in achieving one’s goals and getting rid of fear or phobias. On the other hand, a person can help others by Hypnotherapy.


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