Featured: Turning heads with her Fashion and Fitness Content “Ruchika Punshi”

Beauty with Kind heart, Fashionlush is inspiring many around


Popularly known as Fashionlushhh_, Ruchika Punshi is a Blogger & Social Media Influencer from Chandigarh who is famous for her Fashion and Fitness Content. She is a perfect example of Beauty with good heart. Nor does she inspire people but also helps others around. She started her Blogging Journey 2 years Back and has achieved a lot in just a small timespan.

With more than 50 thousand Followers on Instagram, Ruchika feels that social media is a way to express our feelings & thoughts in real-time. Ruchika has no fashion background yet turns heads with her Fashion content. She has done MBA and has worked in HR Company after her graduation.

While recalling her working days Ruchika told us that during my Job, I realized that this is not what I always wanted to do. So, I started working as a part time Blogger along with my Job. Soon, her Blogs started getting popular & she turned her Blogging into Full time profession.

In the trend of being an Influencer or Blogger, creators like Ruchika are definitely providing a quality for audience. She has collaborated with many renowned brands like Lulu & Sky, Malabar Gold and Diamond, Nykaa, Myntra, Amazon, Adidas and more. She aims to provide a different approach towards fashion and fitness. Ruchika is inspired by Global Influencer Masoom Minawala. She hopes to work with Sabyasachi in future as Sabyasachi Mukherjee is one of the most noted Indian Designer.

Fashionlushhh_ Ruchika has always been inclined towards fashion and took part in many beauty pageants during her college. Recently she has been awarded with Best Entertaining Influencer 2023 for her content creation. She says, “Though it has only been 2 years into Blogging, but it was quite an experience. It was a learning experience from the scratch to the analytics of my Blog and Website.”

Unknown facts about Ruchika Punshi:

Born in Shimla, Brought up in Chandigarh

Education- MBA


Zodiac- Capricorn

Tattoo on Right arm

Siblings- 1 Elder Sister

Food Habits- Vegetarian

Giving her valuable advice to fellow creators, Ruchika said that Patience is the key to grow on social media. Be patient and keep giving your best every day. Research as much as possible as it will help you refine your content. Do not copy what others are doing, find what you do best and make that your niche. And lastly, don’t give up. You will find your way if you keep going.

You can follow Ruchika on Instagram @fashionlushhh_


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