25 September 2023


The Indian U-19 football team showcased a commanding performance, overpowering Bangladesh with an outstanding 3:0 victory in the highly-anticipated U-19 SAFF Championships.
Adding a touch of brilliance to this impressive win were two young Minervans, Arjun Singh Oinam and Gwgwmsar Goyary, who demonstrated their exceptional skills by netting a goal each in the heated clash.
Notably, Goyary’s rapid strike has also made its mark in SAFF Cup history as the fastest goal ever scored in the tournament.
From the very beginning, India exemplified a superior level of conviction on the field, taking control of the game right from the first whistle. Throughout the match, their relentless attacking strategies and solid defense kept Bangladesh at bay. The Indian contenders showcased excellent teamwork, impeccable passes, and clinical finishing, leaving their opponents struggling to keep pace.
Arjun Singh Oinam, from the prestigious Minerva Academy, delighted fans with a mesmerizing performance that truly depicted his immense potential.
Displaying impeccable ball control and agility, Oinam’s keen eye for a goal was highlighted brilliantly. His ability to find space and maneuver past defenders made him a constant threat throughout the game. With an impressive strike to put India ahead, Oinam’s goal sent ripples of jubilation through the entire stadium, setting the stage for an exhilarating contest.
Joining Oinam in the limelight was the incredibly talented Gwgwmsar Goyary, who captured the hearts of the audience with a historic accomplishment. In a breathtaking moment, Goyary seized an opportune moment just a mere 16 seconds into the game. His blistering shot from a spectacular run broke all records in the SAFF Cup, making Goyary the proud owner of the fastest-ever goal in tournament history. This incredible achievement not only solidified India’s relentless pursuit of victory but also marked Goyary’s undeniable talent and immense potential.
Arjun and Gwgwmsar’s exceptional skillset, dedication, and hard work have paid off today. They were instrumental in securing this convincing win for our team and have undeniably shone in this showdown. We expect them to continue showcasing their talent in the tournament and beyond.
The players showed immense grit, determination, and exemplary teamwork, leading us to an outstanding win against Bangladesh.
Arjun and Gwgwmsar’s performances were exceptional, and they truly deserve the accolades they have received. We will continue to work hard to maintain this level of excellence in the upcoming matches.
India’s resounding victory in the U-19 SAFF Championships serves as a testament to the nation’s unwavering commitment to nurturing young talents and raising the bar in football excellence.
As the tournament progresses, all eyes will be on Arjun Singh Oinam, Gwgwmsar Goyary, and the young team’s formidable prowess as India aims to triumph over any challenges that come their way.


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